Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?

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my fav is Jamie want big boom lol 
Robot Lover6 years ago
" I wouldnt say that Jamie's an evil genious." -Adam
Caleb7777 years ago
If it's over complicated it's a sign of bad engineering
comodore (author)  Caleb7777 years ago
i totally agree on that one... And as Jamie always says, simpler is always better... :D
Ya me too. Remember, a beginner built the arc professionals built the Titanic
comodore (author)  L_L_L_L236 years ago
nice one! :)
Quack damn you!
J4mm3r57 years ago
Guys.."Am I missing an eyebrow?"
The funny part is when Jamie chimes in and says that he's missing a bunch of hair too. The smile on Adam's face just disappears in an instant.
comodore (author)  J4mm3r57 years ago
Classic! :D
Yeah...(wipes tear from eye)
comodore (author)  J4mm3r56 years ago
hehe xD
You can never have too much lard.
JustModIt6 years ago
jamie: ........GOLLY!
Nicholas G.6 years ago
* "Failure is always an option"
* "I reject your reality and substitute my own"
* "Smells like: Science"
* "When in doubt: C4"
* "I enjoy seeing Adam in pain"
* "Was that my eyebrow?"
* "It may not look like it, but we're experts." "Don't try this at home.  Whoa!"
* "Don't try this at home" "We're what you call-" "-experts"
* "That didn't sound good"
* "Can I use the whole can?" "No."
* "That was unexpected"
* "Ow"
* "Awesome"
* "My prediction: Chaos"
* "Take that Buster"
* "Buster got a baptism by fire"
* "That didn't work"
* "You beat the robot!!!???"
"...we're what you call experts." ExPerts Ex-: has-been/used to be; -Pert: drip under pressure; Expert = Has-been drip under pressure
pyro man7 years ago
i think adam needs a cookie-jaime
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Haha, that is from the ping-pong ball, salvage myth, right???
yes. I think he said it in a couple of episodes though
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
.... :)
"i just want to blow this thing up" adam and jaime only for different myths
oops-i spelt jamie wrong
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Shame on you! :D
forgive me mythbusters for i have sinned... lol
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
haha, by the power of M5 industries and Tesla coils James all mighty forgives you... :D
if mythbusters said it,so it shall be!!!! lol
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
haha, Mythbusters law!
we should make up a religion! lol
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Haha, Mythbustersology ...
mythist haha
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
hahahaha, we need a book, like a bible or something...
hmmmmmm... i was gonna post a sugestion for a name of the book. but i got nuthin'...this could be hard
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
yea, eeeee, hmmmm, cmon head ....
how about something in latin.or german. yea lets do german.that sunds cooler
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Yea, german, or latin, thats also a good idea, mitus libris... :P
wats mitus libris?
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
libris-book or somethig in lattin and mythus.... you get the picture... :)
ok so wats"book for the followers of mythbusters"?(in frantic voice) libris.....wat-libris wat?!!?!!?!?!?!?
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
???? Im lost !!!
i wonder if i could google that?
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Google what???
"latin for book for the followers of mythbusters"
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
oooOOOooo ok Google it if you dair!
i got "libelli ob scholae mythus" wat do you think?
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Yea, that sound cool, yet scientific! Ok so we dot mythbusterstology libelli ob scholae mythus, who is the most important god , 1 god or more goods...???
that's the easiest question! 2 gods. adam savage and jamie hyneman! lol when i googled the latin thing,i actually got this page as a search result!
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
hahahaha! And what will adam be the god of??? Grant should be a god of robots, torry god of pain... :)
adam:god of war kari:god of resources jamie:god of reassurance
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
yea, and the place where all gods live M5. the wholy town, San francisko...
ALRIGHT so wat are we missing?
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
traditions, celebration days....
the day of celebration should be wednesdays cuz thats when new episodes come out...and idk wat else
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
But not every wednesday... We need a simbol, like the cristians have croses and jews stars, Mythbustersology has ..........???
hmmm... a sigh that says BUSTED on it?
fwjs28 pyro man7 years ago
yayyyyy...rllllly long thread!
pyro man fwjs287 years ago
yah i know thats y i said PM me
This is so late so it probably has more to it. Can you PM what you guys got?
fwjs28 pyro man7 years ago
loooooooooooooooooooonger......i wonder what happens if you go to far....it will probably glitch and make it like a MM big so you cant read it lol
comodore (author)  fwjs287 years ago
You interupted our looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong thread! Well lets keep on writeing and see how small we can get :)
fwjs28 comodore7 years ago
pyro man fwjs287 years ago
if we haven't gone 2 far yet i dont think we will
fwjs28 pyro man7 years ago
comodore (author)  fwjs287 years ago
haha really really really looooong thread.....................................................................................
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
?>>>>???? tell me more ooo wise one! :D
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
lol. do what you want :)
comodore (author)  pyro man7 years ago
Well, eventually they will blow it up!
thats the one i was thinking of:D
my bad.
55338886 years ago
From the episode about ducks have no echo Jami- "Quack Damn You!"
L_L_L_L236 years ago
@ comodore and pyro man
Yep Can't read it. Had to paste it on word lol
comodore (author)  L_L_L_L236 years ago
we can now!  :)
L_L_L_L236 years ago
*Pouring matches in oil drum*
Adam: "Can you imagine if this went off while we were here?"

JD (Sheriff): "Uhh... If it does go off it's time to de-ass the area with the quickness."

Adam: "Hahaha!"

Jamie: "De-ass the area? I like that."

Adam:" That's my new favorate phrase."

Narrorator: "A quick de-assing plan could come in handy."
joey25426676 years ago
"when in doubt, C4"
"when in doubt, lubricate"
"There's your problem!"
"There's poo everywhere!"
"I reject your reality and substitute my own"
"Smells like, SCIENCE!"

Puts fingers over his mouth to make a mustache like Jamies.
Jamie: ummmmm, can't think of any
Jamie: "What a lovely day.....the rabbits are running.....the birds are singing...... and soon theres gonna be a massive explosion!"
i may be mistaking but i believe they said: duct tape is like the sorce, it holds the universe and everything within together.
or i may b wrong.
Jamie: I always enjoy...seeing adam in pain.
comodore (author)  M4industries6 years ago
J4mm3r56 years ago
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" "Either we're gonna die, or we're gonna fly"
comodore (author)  J4mm3r56 years ago
haha xD
knoxarama7 years ago
when in doubt... c4- Jamie
c4 is good (g) , explosions are good (e), so if c4=e, c4=g, than e=g=, in other words, c4 is good because it makes explosions. i use this math to show Jamie is correct.

comodore (author)  knoxarama7 years ago
hahahaha xD
E-R-IC7 years ago
I can't believe you forgot: "If it's worth doing... its worth over doing"
comodore (author)  E-R-IC7 years ago
Ah yes, when they say that you know there is something super cool coming... :D
E-R-IC comodore7 years ago
Yes...... it leads up to.......... DESTRUCTION, OBLIVIATION, and HAPPY FANS. All from their best friend: C4
comodore (author)  E-R-IC7 years ago
E-R-IC comodore7 years ago
hey, here is a question. has there been a single episode where they didn't use C4, beside the escape Alcatraz episode (excuse my spelling of Alcatraz)
comodore (author)  E-R-IC7 years ago
Yea, unfortunatelly there are a lot of them... :P That is not a real question. :D
You forgot their over use of TNT. Not to mention their black powderiness. "I parked it right here!!" After they blew up a concrete truck.
over use? they show use more. MUCH MORE!
comodore (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
lol The used a lot of types of explosives, a lot! :D
Far, far too many explosives. edit: Deffinitely not enough explosives.
comodore (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
E-R-IC comodore7 years ago
remember the whirlpool episode: where adam said:"iz evly bude ledy fo diving"
comodore (author)  E-R-IC7 years ago
What??? 0_o hahaha
E-R-IC comodore7 years ago
the secondary mythbusters modo: onward and upward (in plain english: fail and move on with your life)
E-R-IC E-R-IC7 years ago
just a random post, but here is the 2002 oficial worlds funniest joke: Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy takes out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps: "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says: "Calm down, I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence, then a gunshot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: "OK, now what?"