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Most Featured Instructables
Coventry Makerspace

Most Instructables:


Grand Prize Individual:
How to Build A Garden Shed by KurtH3

Second Prize Individual
Turn a Furby into Krang by ModMischief
Simple Vault Mechanism by ThomasJ1
From blank keys to working keys without dismantling the lock by MesiterJos

This summer Instructables is giving your group a chance to win amazing new tools for your shop.

Compete against makerspaces around the world to win over $30,000 in prizes!!! The best part…..

Everyone that participates is a winner!!!



The object of the contest is to post as many high-quality Instructables as you can between June 1 - August 31. The space that posts the most featured Instructables during that time will receive $20,000 in prizes including an Epilog Zing Laser Cutter, Ultimaker 2, Silhouette Portrait, and Lincoln Electric 210 Welder.

Furthermore, every group that posts at least 10 Instructables will receive a prize. Projects can be posted under any category, they do not need to be tech-specific. We also have prizes for Individuals. See full prize details below.

Every week we will update the scoreboard above to see how many projects have been posted by each space. Check in every Monday afternoon to see where your makerspace stands.

***Official Contest Rules attached as PDF at the bottom of this forum topic***

What counts as a makerspace? Makerspaces, hackerspaces, fabrication labs, student groups, artist collectives, and any creative group of four or more! 


SUBMIT GROUP ENTRIES HERE. To enter as a group submit a collection of Instructables to the google form. Your collection only needs 1 Instructable when you first submit it. You cannot publish a collection with less than 5 Instructables. So please submit your group's unpublished collection ("draft" collection) to the google form and leave it unpublished until you have 5 tutorials.

You can add more entries during the contest dates. Instructables posted between June 1 and August 31 are eligible for entry.

SUBMIT INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES HERE. You can only submit an entry to the Individual category if it is also entered in the group category as part of a team application, and if the entry was solely created by one team member. Instructables posted between June 1 and August 31 are eligible for entry.


All makerspace prizes will be given to groups of people, not individuals. Winners are selected based on criteria below. A makerspace can only win one of the following categories.

Most Featured Instructables: one makerspace that posts the most featured Instructables will receive

Most Posted Instructables: one makerspace that posts the most Instructables** will receive


10 Featured Instructables: all makerspaces that post >10 featured Instructables will receive

10 Instructables Posted: all makerspaces that post > 10 Instructables** will receive
**these Instructables don’t need to be featured but to qualify for this contest they must: (1) have multiple steps, (2) have full text descriptions in each step, and (3) have images in each step.



All individual prizes will be given to individuals based on merit (a panel of judges will select winners).

Grand Prize Individual (1): the individual with the best project will receive:

Second Prize Individual (3): 3 individuals will receive



If you have any questions please reach out to Carley Jacobson at

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Carleyy (author) 2 years ago

Keep an eye out for a message from me in the next week about prizes!!

Thank you too much for informing.This was an awesome contest!!

Will there be another contest this summer? Just wondering...

Carleyy (author)  EurekaFactory1 year ago

Contest just offically launched!!

I know, I know! (HI Carley!)

Trying to get caught up with work so I can play! :-)

Carleyy (author)  EurekaFactory1 year ago

Good luck! I'm no longer working with Instructables, but will be following the contest. Can't wait to see what everyone makes!! Good luck!

Carleyy (author) 2 years ago

Check out this free gift from Parabo Press:

Carleyy (author) 2 years ago

Prizes will be shipping out next wee on October 14th!

Moem Carleyy2 years ago

Oh exciting! Thank you for letting us know. :-D

Moem2 years ago

There was some interesting information posted last night, about the groups who had posted the most / the most featured I'bles, and now I don't see it anymore.

Fun contest, by the way, and congrats to all winners!

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