Max number of bands on the Untangle.

This is not in the questions area because there can be no "right answer"

How many bands have you
A) fired the untangle with
B) pulled back on the untangle

Please don't lie i want to know how many bands its safe to fire this with

There is no real reason for the second part but its there just because.

My answers
A) 13 bands
B) 16 bands

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DJ Radio7 years ago
A: 8
B: 7
How long did you have the untangle before you took it apart? Lol.
I still have one.
it depends on the bands even different brand size #64 bands have different strengths
Furloy6 years ago
i put 10 64s on my tr8 but the black rod snapped
H1T4TCH17 years ago
where can you find the untangle? can someone give me the link with the mod?
Knex innovation. There are no real instructions, but it is just a tr with a grey rod front and a simple mech on the tip. You can figure it out by just one picture.
ok thanks, i think i can do that... but there was a mod so you could put on 10 rubber bands and shoot through 1/4' wood right?
TheChemiker7 years ago
Man you must be beastly strong to pull bag 16 bands.....
182515 (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
I am 16. an I could probably pull back 1 band when was one soo. XD
No really i have never thought that i was really strong, im just above average for my age.
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