Please forgive me if I am missing the INSTRUCTABLE on this, but I'm looking to MOD a Traffic Signal (or Stop Light) and I haven't found any within MAKE or INSTRUCTABLES website(s). I was gonna hook it up to a Light Switch (BORING!) but was hoping I could get some ideas ... C'MON INSTRUCTABLER's!!! Help! thanks.

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. First thing to do is determine the voltage. There is a good chance that the thing doesn't run off of mains.
Most likely does. My led stop light does
. OK. A lot of equipment like that uses non-standard voltage, parts, &c, to deter theft.
Its so they can easily replace the standard incandescent ones.
tech-king9 years ago
i dont understand. is the problem making the light go from green to yellow to red and start over? if so, i have a possible circuit. or is the problem you want to fiddle with a real traffic light?
Kiteman9 years ago
If it's one of the new LED versions, take a look at - they had a blog entry about taking one apart.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago