My Bolt-Action Rifle

This is what I just posted. Great range and holds twelve blue rods. Hope you build it. :P

Picture of My Bolt-Action Rifle
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Easy Button10 years ago
umm dude this isnt a true trigger
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  Easy Button10 years ago
I know.
Danny10 years ago
oh my not another crappy copy gun
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  Danny10 years ago
Oh, damn it. I know. I made it.
i dont care if people copy me!!so it dose not matter...!so shut up, its not like killerk where it just has a different barrel(but i do wish the was a semi-automatic version of killerk's pistol...)
oh and thanks for making it semi-automatic i wanted that.=)
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  g1234538910 years ago
Your welcome.
IS THIS SEMI AUTO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! will it fire a bullet every time i pull the trigger without cocking the ram every time?!
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