My first tennis ball mortar scars!

This is hilarious , i finally built my tennis ball mortar, i "accidentally" put way to much hair spray in lol. It launched well, but blew the back off so im going to have to build a new base lol. I have some pictures to show it lol. the sound was so loud that i can not hear a thing out of my right ear except a loud ringing. is that a good thing?lol heres the pics.

Picture of My first tennis ball mortar scars!
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ry259209 years ago
What happened to your eye???
Kiteman ry259209 years ago
Never mind the red-eye, what happened to the can? Was it the target? What hit it? At what range?
XI3 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
it did not hit a thing. the pressure collapsed the can lol. (apparently to much hair spray lol). i watched it come down from te sky and was already collapsed in lol. it landed in my front yard.
Dekubaba94 XI36 years ago
quit saying lol, lolz
XI3 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
oops check the new boxes (they didnt appear earlier)
XI3 (author)  ry259209 years ago
What you mean(do you mean the red eye, or it looking like i have a black eye? if so, there is no black eye just te shadow, and the red eye is just from the camera.
XI3 (author) 9 years ago
Some of my boxes didnt appear so i added them now, this sould clarify things a little bit.