My gripe with the new I'ble classification system

Okay, so I know there is another conversation about this, but well I can't find it... so I'm going to give my 2 cts worth

I know that recently the site has been re-vamped with a new Instructable submission classification, which, yeah okay I think has it's pro's and cons

I'm personally abit infuriated with itbut well... I'm not going to just makea complaint and then not suggest a resolution

Anyway... The single picture I'bles showcasing someones creation are a good idea (to an extent) but, I wonder if perhaps It's being advertised the wrong way? take for example This I'ble I think the posters sweets look brilliant, and I think that they may not know just how to do a step by step Instructable... but I have been noticing alot of pictures with very little write up etc...

could we therefore in the welcome email that the Wonderful Robot sends link people to an I'ble emplaining how to post an I'ble, which includes a which classification suits what type of I'ble (If people at HQ are busy I don't mind helping) I don't know... I'm just finding it infuriating that there are alot of I'bles being created which don't include alot of content...

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying thease people shouldn't post their creations... but I think we have to perhaps educate people as to how the system works...

I dont know, it could perhaps be worth trialling it for three months or so, and if it makes no difference then bin the idea... but who knows, it maybe a step in the right direction?

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aeray6 years ago
I think that the slideshows and videos are 90% junk and/or spam, and should be subjected to a higher standard of review before being published. I've even volunteered to be a pro-bono "user screener", but alas, no one at Instructables has taken me up on it.
Kiteman aeray6 years ago
There is no review before publishing. There is only what might be termed "community review"
  • If it's incomplete, or spam, it gets flagged
  • If it's poor quality, the community lets the author know, with low ratings, comments, or by ignoring it and not spreading the url.
  • If it's good, it gets positive comments, stars and the url gets passed around.
  • Regarding being a "user screener", that is the hidden side of the site - several active members contact authors by PM to help them improve their work.  There is nothing stopping you doing that, as long as you do it constructively.

Kiteman6 years ago
I think it would be a simple, and more effective change if the three options after clicking "submit" were re-ordered; step-by-step, then slideshow, then video.

Biggsy (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
craftyv Biggsy6 years ago
I so agree. I recently asked the question "When is an Instructable not an Instructable?" ( in Help: Authors:) . At the time I was unaware of the three stage options. I'm not opposed persai to the non-instructable because not everyone can "present" in the same way, however, on Ibles that have no instructions it will obviously lead to multiple requests for Instructions, please explain, diagrams, what's it made of? etc. I'm not sure that they should be counted as complete in terms of contests, (perhaps that's another question)..
Biggsy (author)  craftyv6 years ago
No I agree with you there, but still that needs explaining in the competition small print
craftyv Biggsy6 years ago
At least it's out there and we are talking about it.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. IMNSHO, it would help if there was a prominent indicator that showed what type of iBle was being displayed.
Yeah, the tiny grey icons which look pretty much the same are not a whole lot of help :-( Some of us tried to point out their inaccessibility, but to no avail.
Biggsy (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I still think an i'ble (on how to post an ible and what the classifications mean) in the welcome email aswell would help people to understand how to write their own Instructable