Need help making a sensor

Hi everybody I am about to make a stick for blind people (have no idea what thats called in english, im danish), on that stick, i want to put a sensor, so it makes a sound when the stick/person gets close to other people, lamp posts etc. Hope someone can help me, telling me what i need to make the sensor and how to make it... thank you

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suneth9 years ago
Patrik9 years ago
Kiteman9 years ago
Does a cane need a sensor? According to a blind minister I know, the cane itself is the sensor - he feels around with it.

You'd be better off putting a small microwave radar or sonar unit on the brim of a hat.
Goodhart9 years ago
When you say "stick" you don't mean the "cane" do you? The stick they tap in front of themselves ? Mechanical problems. Any sensing device will have to be located up from the tip that taps on the ground (or it would sense the ground as very near), and somehow faced away from the person holding the cane (or they too will be sensed as close to the cane). If you can over come those problems, the rest should be easy.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. How about using an ultrasonic unit? Ranging is pretty easy, so you could have the sound it makes indicate distance to object (eg, higher freq = closer). Try searching for "ultrasonic ranging" or "auto-focus camera +circuit"