Need ideas how to cover pipes/drains

Dear all

As you can see, this "box" broke. I am looking for new ideas please!

I have something in my mind, but before I share it, let's hear what ideas people have.

caitlinsdad5 years ago
Did you have a wrecking ball drop on the bench or just too many people at a party sitting on it? It looks like it was not properly supported or anchored to the wall. There are fancy ways to dress up the front of the bench like putting in wainscoting details, beaded board, and cutouts so you have a bit of shelf or storage space accessible from front openings or hinging the seat tops. You can add higher if you want additional cocktail table/end table space or divide the long run. Just make sure the bottom is framed out to support the weight and allow access to the pipe junctions and valves below. Good luck.