New Ball Machine Element

This is to show you guys a new ball machine element I invented called fireworks. It's also kind of a little teaser for my ball machine that is currently in construction, Project A.

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pls9 years ago
Haha thats neat!!
bakenbitz9 years ago
Very cool, I like that a lot. Too bad they don't automatically reset. Looks like the machine is going great, can't wait until it's finished.
jollex (author)  bakenbitz9 years ago
Thanks. Yeah it is kind of a hassle to reset them every time.
Maybe if you had a strong enough motor you could give it a full auto mechanism. Man I swear I wish I had the pieces and I would be making awesome ball machines with a lot of new elements. The system looks pretty cool. Now you just need targets that activate the next part of the track lol. Here's another idea I'll call mine field. Set up some small explosives at several different corners (like if you made a big set of turns like a path through a maze) so as the ball comes crashing in at each corner it sets off the explosive.
Looks groovy. Like Mr. Baken said, it would be nice if they reset themselves.