New Features?

Is there going to be a blog post documenting the new features? I like the new interface, but it will take a few days to get used to. There are a few bugs here and there. Like when I click Tool Tips Group, I get to a page where there are no projects. Also, post counts seem to be a little out of whack. Each visit seems to raise it by 10.

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ewilhelm9 years ago
There will be - once we find all the new features ourselves!
I think the blog RSS is broken, it's not loading any more.
What URL are you using? Did you subscribe to it a while back, or click a link - if so, what page was the link on?
I'm using, subscribed to a while ago.
We're phasing out the news blog, as more people see things when we post to the forums instead. Update your rss reader to use - but wait until next week, I'm sorry to say that our last release broke that feed! But we'll fix it shortly.
The forum feed is working again, as well as a couple others with the same problem. Let me know if you find any other broken feeds!
Will do, thanks =]
Are other feeds working?
Instructables feeds are fine, as are Groups feeds; Forums feed got broken. Oops!
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