New Group!

Hey Everyone!!! I just created this group so we can all start researching coil guns :D Request to be in this group. everyone is welcome :D

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Madrias3577 years ago
Building one as I type. Winding the coil is a pain.
Skunktail8 years ago
wat is a coil gun how do u make a group
MattGyver928 years ago
Hmmm....I'm thinking i need a coilgun....with an ammo clip...3' barrel...10-12 sets of coils....real scope (red dot)...foldable stock...a possible ammo count LED display (like on Halo! woo!)..umm...foam bullets (like Nerf) with something metal inside of it...bipod...9-12V battery unit...power indicator LED bar graph...LED effects...rubber grips...laser pointer....umm that's all I think I could do. I'll get right on it!!
hey should i post what coil-gun system im using to help out?
It's usually good to start a group by posting something in it. So, please add something - you'll be the first. L
rogueleadr (author)  Atomicdomb1378 years ago
rogueleadr (author) 8 years ago
that is kinda funny. I dunno this group isn't hitting off to welll maybe you can help :D I'd like to be some freakin awesome researchers who can manufacture these kits or just show ppl how ot make em, ya know?
mman15068 years ago
funny i was just going to make this group with the same thing
same picture