New Knex Semi Auto Sniper

This is a first. (i think) its a semi auto magazine fed rubber band powered sniper rifle. lol. do you think i should post? p.s when i post i will make a better stock because whiners will be like : uhhhhhhhh fill in teh stock newb!!!!!?!"?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Picture of New Knex Semi Auto Sniper
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knexcannon7 years ago
its says he thinks
TheDunkis8 years ago
Not first. Not that special.
Millawi Legend (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
i didn't say it was first.
This is a first If that isn't a fail because it completely contradicts what you just said then I don't know what its.
Millawi Legend (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
it says it is a first (i think) read it carfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did! How about you read it carefully. Just because you put I think doesn't mean I can't correct you if it isn't first.
Millawi Legend (author)  Oompa-Loompa8 years ago
Meh, you could habve been nicer, e.g tell me what to improve on.
You asked a question and I answered. I'm being neutral here.
Millawi Legend (author)  Oompa-Loompa8 years ago
Meh, suppose so.
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