New Patch/Sticker Ideas

I posted a forum topic a while ago showcasing some ideas of mine for some new instructables stickers/patches, and have just recently gotten a huge amount of help from Killerjackalope with some fantastic ideas. The topic was originally posted under sports, because the original logos were NBA style, but I've now moved it to the Community Blog. Below are my own, and Killerjackalopes ideas for some new designs. Feel free to make your own and PLEASE post pictures of them. Maybe if we're lucky, the Instructables Team will take someones design and use it on their products! We can only hope! Below Designs: The first 3 are my own designs, with the 4th being killerjackalopes original design. The 5th is my own, based off of my and killerjackalopes changes, with the 6th being his with further changes to the design. We hope you guys will contribute to this topic and show us some great innovative ideas for what we hope could be some new logos for instructables products!

Picture of New Patch/Sticker Ideas
killerjackalopes 'ibles patch idea2.png
killerjackalopes 'ibles patch idea.png
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new ideas... sticker one this time...
'ibles sticker idea1.png'ibles patch idea.pngFOIP4EJFD80X5Q0.LARGE copy.png
Gunk on Floor (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Two more logos. The logo with the white instructables font was just retouched to have robot on the left side instead of the right, just to see how it looks, got it from a forum on the site.
oooh nice, black definitely adds to it all...
Gunk on Floor (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
lol, thanks, I finally am figuring out gimp a little better.
good stuff, I've gotten quite distracted making cafepress designs....
Gunk on Floor (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Is it just a little out of the ordinary that it has just been you and me (with a side note from Kiteman) commenting or even contributing to this topic?
I'd say so, I would have expected people to have alot of their own ideas and opinions to give...
Not "a" life, surely?
I was aiming more for the feeling of 'ibles being a thing that has most of life diyed, which it suprisingly does do a good job of, learn to tie shoes, build artillery and make an anniversary present for your wife all in one site...
Actually that could make a great video ad, using that as narrative and showing views or videos of products of 'ibles and then fading into a screen with robot, the URL and slogan on it...
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