New Speed Contest Starts Tomorrow

By this time tomorrow there will be a new speed contest on the site. Raw materials for this one will be extremely easy to get, trust us.

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Goodhart9 years ago
Hmm, the easiest raw material to get in my house is dust....I wonder what it could be...... LOL Dust Bunnies !
Close, pets!!
Well, I found a dust cheetah under the bed the other day....scared the living doodoo out of me too LOL
thats funny. Hey, just out of curosity what type of music do you like Goodhart?
My "likes" are really broad. I can listen to most anything that can be remotely considered as music. My "preference" is classical or stuff in the classical style. This would include composers like Beethoven and Mozart, but also Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I listen to NPR most of the time while driving, so I get a pretty wide range of pieces (mostly classical, but there is Jazz, as well as music from other countries, including the far east, Russia, African, etc. It kind of depends on my mood many times.

Oh man I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I wake up to NPR or attempt to wake up. They have interesting content most of the time also. I really like jazz but more recently I have been tuning into bonobo. Its awesome. They don't have any music videos (to my knowledge) but here is a video with there music.

Very interesting, kind of a progressive Jazz plus...

One of my fav. TSO videos is:


From Beethoven's Last Night
I have the CD and if you know the "story" behind the music, this video makes a lot more sense.....

Cool Vid! Not exactly my cup of tea but like million times better then most music people listen now a days.
Like what. Personally, I like the old heavy metal like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Dio. There's more but I don't feel like going through them all. Oh and I like Queen.
Just some of that shitty rap/hip hop- not all rap/hip hop. I like queen also. There good.
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