Off The Hook - A Regular Radio (hacker) Broadcast; Oct 3

Here is the Oct. 3, 2007 broadcast of: ='''Off the Hook|: Hacker Radio at it's best'''=

let me know what you think.

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whatsisface10 years ago
Having not listened yet, I cant judge but I LOVE those pictures. Any more?
Goodhart (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Is that first one readable ?
It is when enlarged.
Goodhart (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Ok, it comes out all goofy on my computer *sigh*
Goodhart (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
A few....but not along the same lines.....
Goodhart (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
Well, technically, the pics don't have much to do with the Radio Show but I thought the slightly anti-MSIE message was kind of appropriate.

I did have some others on my old computer (OS = WIN98) but this one hasn't a floppy drive, and that one, well, I haven't had time to net to it yet (don't really have the space yet either).

My favorite one showed an authentic "found a virus" notice for finding MSWindows being installed on the system and then asked if you would like to remove it LOL

The Radio show is pretty long, but now that I have DSL I can listen a view things I never could before. I'm in heaven LOL
Goodhart (author) 10 years ago
Here is another program, Emergence which is very intriguing. It is an hour long, but the last 15 minutes of it were extremely fascinating to me.
Goodhart (author) 10 years ago
Was it really that boring? LOL
i started to listen, and had to go somewhere. and then i completely forgot about it. starting it again. idk if i will make it all the way through or not.
Goodhart (author)  its a lion10 years ago
It is a rather long program.
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