One of my Christmas gifts

My step-son made this awesome puzzle for me.  He knows how much I like Instructables so this was one of the gifts he made for me.

Everyone knows that a hand-made gift is best.  And one hand-made by a loved-one even better.  But one that also includes the Instructables robot?  He gets points for paying attention to my hobbies!

Picture of One of my Christmas gifts
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Great detail. Love the wheels and the nuts and bolts on the arms. I don't know how old you step-son is, but you should let him read all the compliments on his art (or read it for him). Huge confidence boost =)
Goodhart7 years ago
Puzzling, that picture is :-)
jeff-o7 years ago
Wow, what a great gift!
craftyv7 years ago
It would make a great wall picture for your study/office/workroom.
It will probably fit an existing frame (looks about A4) or you could frame it together. Another great Instructable in the making. I hope your son sees all the positive feed back.
Or a desktop wall paper
ChrysN7 years ago
How sweet!
bounty10127 years ago
What are the pieces made of?
zieak (author)  bounty10127 years ago
It is that typical puzzle material. We were at a craft store that had blank puzzles that you can decorate and then disassemble.
Cool, I'll keep my eyes open.
Biggsy7 years ago
heheh Now that is pretty awesome... sure as hell beats the plastic poncho I got for Christmas off my mum... She's dooing better... a few years I opened two presents in this order: a rape alarm and a folding shovel.... hehehe

It's great :D as Kiteman said... sign him up!
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