Does anyone have any ideas for practicing parkour on your property(in your house).

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alxsmpgmr957 years ago
go to americanparkour.com and go to train. once there, find Unconventional Training Grounds or UTG and watch the House vid. lots of great ideas.
The Jamalam8 years ago
Try lazy vaulting the stair banister? Or running up trees to get to the top? Or backflipping off a roof? Or climbing onto the roof? Doing trampoline moves? My friend has a real fireplace with a wide chimney, he can climb up there!
Rishnai8 years ago
I've got so much crap on my property that I can just practice on that. As for building things... I dunno. Practice jumping your fence. I've got a six foot fence on one side of the property, a four-footer on another side, and a three-footer on the other sides. That made a good range of heights to practice getting over (ask your neighbors first if both sides of the fence don't end on your land). If you have a big retaining wall, practice going up and down that. I have a small retaining wall, so I like to practice my jumps off of there. (that's also where I learned to land). My deck's near a brick fireplace, so I'll climb on one of those, jump to the other, etc. I nearly broke the railing when I tried to jump off of it, but when I fixed a couple of dry-rotted spindles, that made a good spot to precision jump to and from. The city gave us a huge trash can and a medium recycling can, so I practice going over/around/on top of those. Garbage cans make good obstacles. I've got some smaller cans that I'll jump over or set 2x4s across to make bars to go over/under. I decided to try and learn to climb a pole, so I used the posts that support my back patio. Sawhorses with a couple of scrap 12-foot bits of lumber set between them and covered with bits of plywood I've got laying around make for a great item to learn the Kong on. Unlike a table, you can take it apart, and you can adjust the length of the obstacle by changing the length of your lumber. At least that's the way I practice around home. Hope it helps!
the best things are metal railing... so that there's no splinters. Right now I'm just practicing sumersaults, lol. I'm just trying to get down could tequnique (rolling off of the shoulder, not directly over the head. I'm also trying running summersaults, like you run jump, and land in a summersault.
try using a trampoline?
I wish I had one of those. At least it gave me advance warning that I needed to fix my deck, before the whole thing collapsed. With bonus splinters. I'm working on those running summersaults. Thay're fun. At least I don't keep just kinda driving my face into the grass anymore.
PKM8 years ago
A friend of mine has an "island" kitchen worktop which is good for training mid-length kongs- a sturdy (very sturdy) table would do as well. Any kind of railing that can take the impact is ok for precisions, monkeyup etc.

Put up a chin-up bar in a doorframe and so chinups with your palms facing away from you, it builds the muscles used for wall climbs, cat leaps and muscleups.

Other than that, just look around- it helps build "parkour goggles" and means you don't need special stuff. See how many stairs you can do a standing precision up, practise your rolls on any available grass, climb every brick wall in sight. (Except ones enclosing private property on a road populated by nosy people who will threaten to call the police because they have no idea what PK is and think you are trying to break in)
caitlinsdad8 years ago
It looks like you need a lot of practice and real training in gymnastics to do some of the moves. I would set up one of those aerial harnesses like the trapeze artists use for training and have a spotter handling the rig with a whole mess of foam pads below when trying to do a flip. I guess wear pads and a helmet?
guyfrom7up8 years ago
the one thing i wanna learn is how to do a front flip or a back flip... safely. One mistake and you could break your neck. Or do a backflip off a wall. If I could do one of those above I'd be very happy ;)
NachoMahma8 years ago
. If you haven't seen it already, check out Pat Sowers' Parkour iBle.
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