Poor punmanship

I finally got around to really reading through the new ibles blog. Seems you need to log into facebook to post a comment there so hence the posting here as forum topic. I was interested to read about the ice cream gathering, the one promoted with the "nitroglycerine" ice cream. I get to the part where you have the flavors listed. I see:

Rum Raisin (aka MADD About You)

Now, that is questionable on many levels. If that is the name of the flavor promoted by the ice cream vendor, shame on them. If that is the name of a flavor made up by the blogger, I think they need to have a look at the Be Nice policy.

I am not beyond reproach but I do know where not to cross the line.

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But seriously. I don't generally read the blog (I like to avoid bad science blogs a la "sitting is bad for you") so I didn't see this when it came out; glad you're calling foul. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Not cool.
But it makes for such entertaining juxtapositions!
*stifles laughter*
I wonder which was more popular on the day...?
Clearly randofo is suicidal.
caitlinsdad (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
He is on his rocker.
caitlinsdad (author) 6 years ago
Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone.  But if you are raising the rum, just stay off the Fn road.
It's probably not worth the risk of offending people although MADD certainly is controversial if you've been keeping track of some their tactics over the years.  I would rank them with PETA as far as risk goes.  Mocking either will either get you some enemies and some laughs.  It depends on what you're willing to risk.  However, the name doesn't seem to keep with the tone of Instructables.

Plus there are funnier/more obscure puns/names.  Just as an example of obscure names that might make people groan and laugh at the same time, there's a drink called The Pearl Harbor which is actually a popular, standard bar drink.  The vast majority of people won't understand why they should laugh and groan at the same time, but a few might.
caitlinsdad (author)  AngryRedhead6 years ago
Haha, extremists that ruin it for the rest of the group.

You did hit the point that it doesn't seem to keep with the tone of Instructables. I was just really taken aback that something like this was written and posted by the staff. That said, there are random comments from members that do take shots at PETA, vegans, paleo dieters, kombucha drinkers, people trying to save the world, druids, what have you, etc. but they are not representing the brand image. Blah, blah with corporate responsibliity but hey, in the public eye they have to show restraint. Not as bad as an executive inadvertently blurting out "I'd like my life back." but it did strike a chord with this reader.
And here I'm mostly disappointed by the lack of creativity...  They could have called it, "Grapes Drying under the Influence".  :-P
Or "The Grapes of Drunk and Disorderly Conduct!"
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