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martzsam7 years ago
Here is mine;
LoneWolf7 years ago
Among many, many, others...
plasma6.jpgkershawzing1.jpgFODiacriaPolvaderaJasper1.jpgOsprey.jpgBlackbird 1.jpgWD1.jpga1.jpgBlue Sun 4.jpgBlue Sun and Black Hole 1.jpgThe_Phoenix_Odyssey___Wallies_by_alyn.jpg
BADWOLF1 (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
The osprey is my favorite.
Cool, thanks. That is one of my favorites also.
BADWOLF1 (author) 7 years ago
I have more
buboo7 years ago
hey hey U ! Grab my food???hahah
Kiteman7 years ago
This is my current wallpaper image:
cave art.jpg
That's just hilarious :-D

Is the original a mural? ....Yay! Tineye for the win :-) It's a Banksy hired-goons mural from 2008.
It just tickled my typical-British-council-worker-bone.
It raises some very interesting questions about the original inspiration, too, and just how large a grain of salt we should take with the usual anthropologists' interpretations.
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