Prop-Gun idea

I don't have that much confidence in getting this to work, but as an idea I thought I'd share it:
I have a concept of a rotating-barrel automatic-chain-gun, that I can do no problem. BUT, to simulate muzzle-flash, I'm thinking of feeding butane/air down the barrels (blow-lamp type device) and igniting it.
Initially, I think of slip-rings or similar and a camera-flash unit for ignition, motor drive on the barrels.
Any advice?


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Jaycub7 years ago
If you actualy build this you might try using hydrogen insted of butane because it is easier to get the fuel-air mix right, would would make a better sound, and burns with a more realistic orange flame instead of the blue of a butane-air mix.
Arano Jaycub7 years ago
hum... if i rember right hydrogen burns with a light blue nearly invisible flame... the orange in most flames is hot unburned carbon... more gas than air and you get a orange flame...
Jaycub Arano7 years ago
Mabey if it's pure, but every time I have burned hydrogen it has had an orange or yellowish flame. Mabey it has to do with a laminar vs turbulent flow of the flame or something.
Arano Jaycub7 years ago
that shouldn't make a difference for hydrogen... but natrium salts make yellow colored flame (and are rather hard to get rid off, even in a laboratory...) and it is only a very very small amount needed for a strong yellow
Jaycub Arano7 years ago
Ok that't probably why then because I use Sodium Hydroxide for making oxyHydrogen by electrolysis, and when making plain hydrogen with NaOH, water, and Aluminum.
Arano Jaycub7 years ago
to show you how well natrium turns a flame yellow try this: light a bunsenburner or similar device that burns gas with the hot blue flame, hold a piece of metall or magnesia into the flame until it is really hot and hold it into a small amount of your sodium hydroxide solution that is about 20-30cm away from the burner... the flame should turn yellow for a short time... (works well with every sodium salt)
kelseymh Jaycub7 years ago
Dude, if you had just waited four more days, your reply would have looked even less like a bump :-D
KentsOkay7 years ago
A number of automatic guns used in movies use propane to provide the muzzle flash.
Of course I have failed to find any good linkage on how they work :T
lemonie (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago

Interesting, I would have thought blank-rounds easier.

Shooting .50 BMG gets pricey quick, also other expenses (taxes, ammo, upkeep, weapon costs) are reduced.
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