Prototype Rifle (updated!)

This is the design for my new knex gun. I might not post it because it is just a replacement for the MH297(my old gun). I was going to post it but my computer crashed and I lost all my photos. I had already taken the gun apart because I was working on my shotgun (I might post). P.S. New avatar!

Picture of Prototype Rifle (updated!)
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MI69 years ago
1. show us the real gun not the theoretical skeleton and 2. This gun is really boring/looks really normal. Sorry but is the way it is. You could change it a bit , with more rounds and a slightly squashed front to look like an assault rifle from Halo.
Mintyhippo (author) 9 years ago
I don't know if I am going to add a bolt, magazine or rail on grip. Tell me your ideas.
Kiteman9 years ago
Er... Which bit is the trigger?
The ears perhaps?
Eaton Sunbanks9 years ago
You pull his tail. Wait a minute, do hippos have tails?
Sunbanks Eaton9 years ago
I'm pretty sure hippos have tails. I'm not sure though.
Eaton Sunbanks9 years ago
Maybe nobody's ever seen a hippo tail, that's why we don't know. Maybe they have curly piggy tails. Haha
Sunbanks Eaton9 years ago
Or maybe they have tails like cats do!
Mintyhippo (author) 9 years ago
Sorry the first picture hadn't loaded up yet.