Repeating Crossbow Kit (Zhuge Nu, Chu Ko Nu)

All are currently sold. Send me a message or comment if you want me to make another one.

I have this listed for sale on ebay at $100. To buy, search on ebay for "repeating crossbow kit." If you can't find it on ebay you should send me a private message asking if I have one ready or almost ready and I will give you the link if I do.
The first 4 kits have sold. I will make another one on request but I do not plan to make one otherwise. The main reason is that the customer pays a lot for what they get, and I get paid little for the cost and the amount of work. I did make a realy nice non-kit double barrel one and that is also sold.

Below is the description from the ebay add.

This listing is for a complete kit that will let you build a repeating crossbow (also known as: Zhuge nu, Chu ko nu) in an easy enjoyable way.

This kit includes every part you will need, pre-cut and sanded, 12 "arrows" (called bolts), and instructions with pictures (I have also put instructions in video form on youtube for you). The overall length is 30.5." The bow is a 26" selfbow made out of a limb cut from a live western red cedar tree and seasoned for several years. It is coated by boiled linseed oil. I have carefully made each part personally by hand. They are in multiple types of wood for color and to take advantage of their different properties. Red oak as the arrow trough and lever arms for it's hardness. Douglass fir as the stock for low weight, light color, and ease of shaping. Cedar as the arrow box for low weight and another color, it also smells good. All dowels are poplar.

To build this kit you will need: a phillips screw driver, epoxy (5-10 minute is preferred) or other glue, and two 7/16" wrenches or crescent wrenches. Optional: fine sand paper, paint, stain, clearcoat, etc...

To see a demonstration of the prototype, look here: The one shown in that video was the test version so I just used whatever wood was laying around, the quality of materials in this kit is much higher.

The magazine capacity is meant to be 15 shots, but you could fit 17 if you completely fill it. This version of the zhuge nu has an improvement of the mechanism that I made over the original design. Instead of a pin coming up and releasing the string, the lever arms push the string out of it's notch. This is simpler and more reliable. I'm not going to give you a history lesson here, so if you want to learn about this weapon look it up on your favorite search engine.

Please feel free to ask any questions about price, what is included, special requests, etc. I will make more bolts (arrows) available on request for $1.00 each plus shiping, probably in sets of 12 but if you want a different nuber that's fine too. The instructions also tell how to make the bolts yourself.

Picture of Repeating Crossbow Kit (Zhuge Nu, Chu Ko Nu)
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Can I know some more details about the kit please? Where is it from and could it be shipped to the US, in FL?

My area code is 32903. You can e-mail me at

Hi. Can I know more details about the repeated crossbow... Like the price... where is it from and if it could be shipped to Singapore??? You may email me at Thanks!!! :)

JohnN95 months ago

This is beautiful , I've made two repeaters , but they were not up to the quality shown here , one was overpowered and subject to string wear , the other was an elastic powered toy , would you ship these to the U. K.?

JosephR36 months ago

I NEED to know where to send money

I still want kit

Joseph Roberts

9810 ST.RT.73

New Vienna OHIO 45159

1-937 987 2526

I can wait

fallsville@frontier .com

JosephR36 months ago

Having problems getting on JAYCUB

Can I send you a USA. MONEY ORDER/


I need your address where to send the money

Joseph Roberts


dan.stinton.710 months ago

would you ship the kit to the united kingdom?

Are there any blueprints, drawings or detailed instructions available? I have more time then money.

Thank you,

Jaycub (author)  45th_Johnny1 year ago
Nice kit idea, im sure someone is very very interested
Nice kit idea, are any available at this time 5-16-13? Do you plan to offer any more of this kit? Any deals available? Please contact me.
Jaycub (author)  fieldandstream2 years ago
I do not currently have any kits but I can make one for you if you want for $100 USD plus shipping. I did make a double barrel one recently (see video: but it is also sold.
Thank you for your reply, I would like to purchase a single bolt repeating crossbow kit as shown in the instructables ad. I assume the kit comes with 15 bolts of the proper size and weight? How do you want to be paid? Is Paypal OK, I will need your email address or would you prefer a USPS money order sent to your home or business address? how much time is involved in putting the kit together and when I might I expect the kit? Regards, David kent
Jaycub (author)  fieldandstream2 years ago
OK I'll send you an email.
BEAUTIFUL work ! I've had a yen to make one of those myself.
Jaycub (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago
Well now's the time to make one from a kit! I can give you a special instructables deal and throw in an extra dozen arrows for free!

If you do want one though It will take a couple days before I can sell it to you because I still have to finnish the second kit.

Thank you for the compliment on the quality of work. The response to these has been much better than I expected. I only halfway thought one would even sell. Goodbye lack of employment, hello selling stuff on ebay. I'm better off working for myself anyway.