Semi-Auto Knex Rifle.

I've been working on this gun a long time while bouncing ideas off Mepain. It's a TRUE semi-auto in the fact that all you need to fire a shot is to put the piece in the gun and pull the trigger. I was able to unload a full magazine in less than 10 seconds. I'm a lot more likely to post instructions on this gun than the last two, because this gun works so nicely.

  • Holds 13 shots.
  • Shoots up to 40 feet.
  • Shoots grey connectors.

Picture of Semi-Auto Knex Rifle.
semi-auto 002.jpg
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Dunshea9 years ago
Hey guys I need some help. I've made a full, life size AR15 - M16 and the only problem with it is that I can't work out a way to make it fire. It is a TRUE semi-auto with a clip but I need some help. If I post the instructions would someone be able to help out with it. All I ask is that in your Instructable you mention that the gun was made by me or at least mention me. I will only post instructions for it if someone is willing to help out like mepain, trainman200, oodalumps or any other exceptional gun builders out there. Please reply to this by sending me a comment in my inbox. Much appreciated Dunshea
oodalumps (author)  Dunshea9 years ago
How is it semi-auto yet if it doesn't fire?
I've built the trigger and the trigger mechanism that pulls back the ram and then when you let it go it lets go of the pin
oodalumps (author)  Dunshea9 years ago
Doesn't sound semi-auto to me.
OK then its as much a semi-auto as your big one with the clip which I made and I couldn't get it to fire straight
oodalumps (author)  Dunshea9 years ago
You don't have to let go of the trigger to make mine shoot.
I know but still... This is going to be the biggest gun I've built without instructions and when I post it if you could come up with some upgrades that would be great as well
Dunshea Dunshea9 years ago
this is the gun I used as a base model
C:\Documents and Settings\Tracker\My Documents\My Pictures\M16.jpg
Dunshea Dunshea9 years ago
and this is the one I made
C:\Documents and Settings\Tracker\My Documents\My Pictures\Image000.jpg
oodalumps (author)  Dunshea9 years ago
So what is it missing?
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