Spanish or French | Intro to Metalworking or Intro to Engineering and Tech.?

Ok, so it's that time of the year - picking 9th grade courses. I'm signing up for all gifted (higher than honors) academic classes, but am stuck on my electives.

To get into universities and colleges in Georgia, I have to take 2 sequential years of either French or Spanish. My mom says Spanish is easier, like I'm sure most people would. I don't really care about speaking fluently in either language; I just need to go to college.

What would you say would be the easiest to get through?

So, I guess all of y'all know that I aspire to go into the mechanical engineering field. High school is a good place to start out, but I've come upon another bump in the road: Should I go with the metalworking classes, or the engineering (and technology) ones?

I've always wanted to be able to weld, and I'm sure that's a major skill when it comes to engineering. Classes that my future school offers include Intro to Metalworking, Arc Welding, GMAW and GTAW (which I won't take), Intro to Milling (which includes using a lathe and a CNC machine), and a sheet metal class. The engineering class covers things like CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, audio and visual productions, and other technology things.

I think the metalworking would be best for me - I'm more of a hands-on person; i.e., I like tangent things, not doing "theoretical" things on a computer, though I know all of the CAD stuff would be very useful.

I'd like to take all of it if I could, but that's only possible by going to summer school (which costs $180 per class).

Any help would be appreciated!

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Firebert0108 years ago
I've been through the exact same thing you're going through, and IMHO, I think you should take Spanish/Engineering & Tech. I don't know about where you go to school, but where I went mostly girls took French, so if you're a ladies man or you dig croissants take that. The vast majority of kids from my old school took Spanish, and I do think it is an easier language to learn, plus it's a more useful utility as there are many Spanish speakers in America. Welding is a skill, so if you plan to be a plumber or something of the like take that, but the engineering & tech class will better prepare you for the classes you will take in college for mechanical engineering.
I took German. Ich bin Eingefleischt.
I took German too, then came to regret it. Hardest class ever, on my fourth year of it.
Hahhaha. We never have any homework in it, so, thats why I took it. Also because I drive a Mercedes! :D
I'm definitely with you on the Spanish. I took French, and almost never use it. Metal-work might be more fun, but Engineering would probably help more in the college arena. I was in Academically Gifted/Advanced placement classes, but got stuck with TYping as an elective! Wish I'd gone with all the rednecks into woodworking or auto-shop!!
n8man8 years ago
Intro to Engineering and Tech and Spanish. If you could though, I would take chinese, chinese is going to be the most common language in the buisnessworld someday.
Spanish. It's also more relevant; manymanymany more spanish speaking people than french speaking in this country.
iv got the same problems, I am taking french, and eng. and design tech. in my school, they took out metal working. both electives are good for instructables. thats my opinnion.
westfw9 years ago
Spanish (more useful (in the US, anyway)) and metalworking (less available after high school. (By the time you get to college the CAD/CAM stuff you took in 9th grade will be pretty obsolete anyway.))
Bran (author)  westfw9 years ago
Right, thanks!

By the time you get to college the CAD/CAM stuff you took in 9th grade will be pretty obsolete anyway.

Talk about it. ;-p My friend is really good artist, and he plans on taking that class, as he aspires to also be an engineer.
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