Sparkfun Free Day This Thursday

Are you ready?

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Does it hand out money? ;0) What a fun idea!
Crashed within 20 minutes of uptime. I was in 3rd period when it started, didn't even load the favicon when I tried to log in.
I was in class...
jeff-o6 years ago
Looks like their servers are getting spanked HARD. 17 minutes in, and either the connection times out or I get an "Oops, something broke!" message. It wasn't this bad last year, so assuming they made improvements the demand must be astronomic!
ChrysN jeff-o6 years ago
I tried right at 9am mt and got that same error message. :(
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  What is Sparkfun?
.  What is Sparkfun Free Day?
.  Where do I click to find out more?
.  I know the answers to the first two questions, but many readers may not. Supplying a link for ppl to click on is a good thing.
Goodhart6 years ago
Does this mean they "normally" charge for the tutorials?
Kiteman6 years ago

kcls Kiteman6 years ago
Wait, did I miss something?