Steampunk Animal Skulls

Miss Monster has been making some amazing sculptures from animal skulls that you have to check out. She wowed us last year with her werewolf costume, winning the Halloween Contest's grand prize, but this sets the bar even higher.

bear skull | wolf skull

via BoingBoing

Picture of Steampunk Animal Skulls
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Doctor What9 years ago
Awesome. I'll have to start boiling skulls so I can do that.
i wish I had that massive skull I found floating in the sea outside my house, it was pure white, huge horns, something like a moose or a deer skull. Ah well time for a walk in the mourns, get plenty of sheep, goat and other animal skulls.
There is dead animals in the sea outside your house...
I used to live right by the sea, I found a large skull with horns, a keg (half full of guinness), the trunk of a cypress tree and many other oddities...
I wouldn't swim in that water if I were you... But I'd collect the stuff on the beach.
Not a beach until about another half mile from where I was, it was an old pier/dock/swimming pool, the most interesting things appeared there...
the skull the tree and the keg for a start, loads of stuff, there was a little cove where bic lighters collected, a couple of broken mobiles, an engine block (after a storm), loads of really insane stuff.
Cool. You should make a statue with all the stuff that you collect. Maybe a New-er Collossus?
I've lost most of it but I will have a colosuss up when i get round to it, probably not too colosall but colosall enough to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, no the robot is not an enemy they used to be a crime fighting duo but were fired and went their seperate ways.
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