Check out this excellent StyroBot that Kevin Kelly of Geekdad built from five years' worth of accumulated styrofoam packaging.

The project was inspired by Michael Salter's museum pieces, and proves that just about anyone can make awesome giant robots -- it's just a matter of imagination, and collecting enough styrofoam.

Anyone up for a styrofoam robot build night?

Picture of StyroBot
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REA9 years ago
now make it have the ability to shoot flames!!!!
it would melt its self on topic I hope you didn't make all those cuts outside and ruin the environment ahhh < just kidin ] I'm not like that. great work dude
lolz, im pretty sure though that the foam is supposed to show something about the waste or w/e. I mean, through our lifetimes, we could, as a consumer nation, prolly have a small tactical force of foambots per household.
an army of foambots... yes, i can surely take over the world with them...
yeah I guess so but he had to of cut it up and stuff
PKTraceur9 years ago
i sucks when it gets really hot..... *Sizzle*
Goodhart9 years ago
One small criticism: the nearest shoulder (the robot's Right shoulder, ie stage right) seems oversized, while the head seems a bit small in comparison. Now, maybe it is camera angle, but if those two pieces could have been switched, it might have looked more proportional (maybe they didn't fit well that way too, I don't know).
That's not bad design, its part of the robot's "armor". The giant shoulder plate (who's name escapes me) protects from swings at the head. Somebody's crappy fan art supports my claim below.
I think the word your looking for on that giant shoulder plate is a brassard (sp?). Atleast I think that's the word your thinking about.
Thank you sir, I believe that's it exactly. Somebody correct us if we're wrong.
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