Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up in just a couple weeks and we want you to be able to have the perfect feast ready. So we've whipped up a fresh batch of Instructables that will help you out with everything from the turkey to the side dishes and even a dessert and a bit of apple cider.

These recipes have been tested out at the Instructables Test Kitchen in the Oakland Hills and are sure to be a great addition to the festivities. If there's something that you think that we missed, make one of your own!

This topic is now an official Thanksgiving Dinner Guide.

Turkey Recipe by noahw
Cook up a delicious bird and get everyone in a festive mood as the aroma fills your house! This in-depth recipe will guide you on the way to greatness.

Gravy Recipe by noahw
Make this delicious sauce from the turkey's pan drippings.

Stuffing by scoochmaroo
An amazing stuffing recipe so good that it stands well completely on its own.

Mashed Potatoes by scoochmaroo
An essential part of the Thanksgiving dinner, mashed potatoes go well with everything else that will be crowded onto your plate.

Cranberry Sauce by noahw
Homemade cranberry sauce rules with its tanginess and wonderful texture. It cooks up easily and stores in the fridge like a champ so skip the can this year.

Cornbread by canida
Cornbread is a versatile dish, equally good with a big bowl of chili and as a holiday side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Deviled Eggs by rachel
While everyone's anxiously waiting for the turkey, bring these out to keep the hungry horde happy and content.

You can also try the dill-variation of Deviled Eggs.

Corn on the Cob by noahw
Hot corn on the cob with a bit of butter is a simple pleasure that nobody should be denied on Thanksgiving. That's right, nobody.

Green Beans by noahw
Add some veggies to the meal with this quick and tasty recipe for green beans. They're so tasty that even those who normally have to be force-fed greens will grab them up.

Apple Pie by randofo
Learn the basics of apple pie making with this Instructable and then try out different kinds of apples to see which combination makes you happiest.

Pumpkin Pie by ewilhelm
This recipe turns out a pumpkin pie so smooth that eating it is like becoming one with the essence of pumpkin. Absolutely worth the effort.

Apple Cider by nagutron
Fresh cider has a life of its own that can't be matched with what you get in the store. Give this beverage the respect it deserves by juicing some up yourself.

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its not thanksgiving without MAC AND CHEESE. If you have cornbread, you don't need corn on the cob, replace the corn with mac and cheese, and NOW you have thanksgiving.
and instead of pumpkin pie all you can eat taco an fajitas! you are right mac and cheese all the way.
KentsOkay7 years ago
You forgot the best thing... Green bean casarole!!
No replace the cornbread with tuna salad
TUNA SALAD!?!?! that is wrong for soooooooo many reasons.... 1. you are replacing a starch with another meat. 2. tuna salad is for lunch at work, not a thanksgiving feast. 3. tuna salad (which i love, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the meal), in the same stomach with turkey, and beans and all the rest of it, will create a nauseous mess in the colon. mac and cheese will nicely gum everything together in the colon to produce.....oh well no need to go any further on that. 4. your inlaws will look at you funny. 5. if you must have fish, serve something elegant like oysters in the stuffing or a stuffed salmon or or shimp coctail or crabmeat in the deviled eggs, which leads to.... 6 if you have deviled eggs, tuna salad has most of the same ingredients so its redundant. 7. if you must have some kind of salad, make it a salad of spring greens and heirloom tomatoes or a waldorf salad of apples, grapes and walnuts that will go with the turkey or even bean salad, but in the name of god, not tuna salad on thanksgiving table! have a happy thanksgiving...with mac and cheese!
I've had tuna salad for thanksgiving and nothing bad ever happens, so that mean tuna salad for thanksgiving is good to go!
Umeko7 years ago
What is pumpkin pie all about? (dont say pumpkin!!) I'm Brittish so dont have the whole pumpkin pie thing here :S
. Pumpkin pie is good, but it's not all that great (pecan pie is much better). More tradition than anything else. How the tradition started, I don't know. Halloween leftovers?
Pumpkin pie is soooo much better than pecan! It's basically a sweet starchy-vegetable pudding, and takes the addition of fat and spices beautifully. The version above is dangerously excellent. ;)
. You've obviously never had one of my Grandmother's pecan pies. ;)
Pumpkin pie is the crown prince of pies.
. Bah! Y'all are just papillicly challenged. ;)
Psst, Nacho....I listed the recipe for a great Pecan pie above (mg0930mg post) so here is one of the best Pumpkin Pie recipes I have ever had... just to keep things even ;-)
. Harumph! I just finished a big piece of a pecan pie that a friend made. Nectar from the breast of Aphrodite (with pecans).
Let's just say I love them both.....which is what I was trying to say if you dislike one, over another, you miss out on half the fun LOL
I never had pecan pie. The first kind I try will be your grandmother's. XD
If you are decent at baking, try this: One of the best pecan pies you will ever have....
thats settled your house for thanksgiving.
and you sir, have obviously not had one of my grandmother's pumpkin pies ;)
yeah but whats kool about pecan pie, the pecans rise from the bottom.
your not supposed to but the pecans on the bottom, they go on top.
Pumpkin pie is great! But I have to go with Nacho on this one, Pecan Pie is greater!
its really good although the said word is weird.
Umeko Umeko7 years ago
lol thanks for clearing that up for me :D will have to give it a go now :D
JellyWoo Umeko7 years ago
pumpkin pie is a pie that's made of pumpkin that has a cinnamony taste and is often served with whipped cream. it's really good!
dedsetmad7 years ago
Eat whatever on whatever day . It'll taste just as good as any other day.
yutzwagon7 years ago
How about some Instructables on the leftovers of that turkey? Mmmmm, turkey nachos anybody?
or what to do with the bones. for example how to properly make a wish on the wishbone. or making forks and knives with the bones, or bone soup!
Just to add my two cents worth, this series inspired me to upload my turkey stuffing recipe as an Instructable last night. It's a PDF file.
doc_howell7 years ago
My $.02: A tasty brined bird.
Goodhart7 years ago
Sigh.....I can't eat corn on the cob anymore (not without cutting it off the cob first, as my four front uppers will come out or break), Stuffing is too high in carbs, and many times also in salt, pumpkin pie I can have a small sliver of, gravey....absolutely not...., and turkey......ummmm turkey :-) as long as I don't get too much of the dark meat....*sigh*
you have my condolences, because thanksgiving is like... one of my favorite holidays...
It is mine still, with restrictions *sigh* I have to try to fill up on veggies so I don't gain anymore weight....I don't need to be back in the hospital for another bypass...
too bad i missed the shirt signing... =-(
Send me a check with your signature on it, and I will transfer it to the shirt LOL Just KIDDING :-)
i will totally do that! Just KIDDING :-) ha!
Poor Goodhart ... :( You should drink a gallon of gravy if the doctors say you have only one week to live though..
benz_z7 years ago
thanksgiving? little late arn"t we (im canadian)
nope, its at the end of november
Not in Canada it isn't LOL pssst, it's Oct 13th this year ;-)
i didn't even know Canada celebrated thanksgiving
Yep, they do in Oct. I know of this by virtue of some of the more informative calendars I use :-)
ha ha another item to put into my collection of random knowledge...
Reminds me I need to head over to a local farm and see if they have any pumpkins left for pie. Your dinner selection looks delicious, but needs a gravy recipe.
I second the addition of gravy. I looooove gravyy :D
NachoMahma7 years ago