The Book - a problem, and a solution

I just spent.. far too long going through the list of the entries for The Book.

There are nearly 2000 entries. That's nearly a hundred pages to look through when dishing out your vote.

There will inevitably be some people who lose out badly because their projects are so far down the list that people simply get tired before they get to the end and give up.

I propose that the voting page for this exceptional contest be arranged an exceptional way - all on one page.

A single list of smaller-than-usual thumbnails, with the title beside and a vote / unvote button or tick-box beside that.

That way, all people have to do (all?!?) is scroll down a single page and click away.

It would also be nice if that list could be re-arranged in order of votes / views / stars.

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Firebert0109 years ago
Leave it to Kiteman to pick out the flaws. Still though, probably a good idea, but too late to be implemented methinks. Next contest maybe, but too late for now.
Flumpkins9 years ago
Good Idea!
Keith-Kid9 years ago
I would settle for at least the option of viewing at least more than 20 at a time!

It shoud be at least 35! 50 would be ideal! 100 for those with short patience.
Yeah, URL hacking doesn't work D:
Still only 20...

I could *maybe* work on a GM script that at least loads them using AJAX as you go. Interested? I'd like to know.

yes, greasemonkey solves ALL problems! broke your toe? use GM!
I don't know how to write scripts... Oh. Wait. Oh.
You don't know? Greasemonkey can help you, GM, to write scripts!
...that's enthusiastic...
Lies! Still hurts. :(
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