This looks nice...but it costs so much!

its the best thing I've found so far (as my little broz christmas gift) but it costs $90! Can we  make something clever like  this at home?

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stevenh4296 years ago
Why would you want that? Lol...
LinemenOwn7 years ago
If you did have the skill and facility to make this, it looks to me like some difficult MIG welding. If I had my new shed's wiring done i would definitely give something like this a shot. Welding the wire arms does seem pretty hard to me.
Mig welding is the easy part, the whole thing is just tack welded together, as for the wire, its quite thick wire so it shouldn't burn off. For the hands, set the pieces flat on a block of copper and give it a good squirt on a moderate heat. The weld will not stick the the copper, thus you dont have to worry about burn through.

The rest of the piece however is a bit more challenging.

The bottom discs are laser cut with a bearing in the middle, the top disc has also been laser etched to give the lettering.
The heads have been die pressed to get the shape, and then laser cut to get the teeth.
The eyes appear to have been die pressed also.

Short of having a die press and laser cutter, Try;

Metal door knobs - right size and shape, should be easy to file teeth into with a triangle file.
Press on axle caps (found on kids toys) for the eyes
ARC electrodes for the wire, right size, easy the bend, but not to thin.
Use a permanent marker to stencil the lettering on.

Happy welding.
The heads are bottle tops that look like they've been pressed out to get the teeth.
Bottletops far too small and the teeth don't go all the way around.
Head pieces are press formed from plate and laser cut, most likely with a 5 axis laser.
No way. If they aren't bottle tops, they're punched out, then pressed. No-one is going to use a 5 axis laser to make trinkets.

Definetly not bottle tops, and these arn't hand made trinkets, they are made in a production welding facility. Looking at other units they may be laser cut before being pressed. Very easy to use 5 axis machine for doing these as you can set up a production run to cut dozens in one go, or with a conveyor system, continuous cutting is very efficient. Cut would be less than 2 seconds each, and at $50 per unit, very cost effective.
I'm interested in seeing what system you think will cut that job in 2 seconds.

Try this.

This is a single part run on thicker material, but you get the idea.

Set the table (or conveyor) up with a jig that you can drop uncut parts onto, and you can cycle through continuously. Add to that the fact you only paying the staff in your 3rd world country manufacturing facility 20c per day and it gets very profitable very quickly.
I don't see you doing the teeth in that cycle time, even with that VERY nice machine.

For 20c a day, it could be guys with files...

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