Today's email is displaying a phishing warning

Today's newsletter email is opening a phishing warning page.

My DNS is set to openDNS

The page I am getting is

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ewilhelm7 years ago
I'm seeing this too. It's extremely frustrating, and we're trying to get more information from Streamsend, the service that sends out our newsletter, about why it happened and when it will be corrected.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the problem!
I entirely believe it. This month $30 was taken from my credit card by 'INSTRUCTABLES" I don't recall taking out a renewable annual subscription for this amount. I have spent a couple of hours trying to contact Instructables to check this out. There is no way to access you. The contact link sends me somewhere irrelevant - and there is no easy way in - to check out what I am paying for - what I have committed to (If I did I am happy to pay) BUT I want - (and feel I have the right) TO CANCEL IT.

My experience of INTRUCTABLES is that it is a scam. I'll continue to believe this until someone responds with a reasonable explanation.

Thankyou. If you are not taking this $30.00 from my account (no invoice or receipt) Then it is phishing !!!
The best e-mail address for the site is <service {at}> (what's shown as "Customer Service" at the bottom of every page). However, the human Staff on the site are fairly limited (less than a dozen people), and are not in the physical office on weekends. If you've contacted them by e-mail, you should get a response on Monday.

You don't have the "PRO" tag next to your username, so you should not have been charged anything.

Did you sign up for a paid membership (paying through PayPal or your credit card)? If you did, then your access, to things like PDF versions of Instructables, should be active by Monday, when the human Staff are on site.

If you did not sign up for a paid membership, then the credit card charge is wong, and will either be reversed by I'bles if they generated it, or you should contact your credit card company and open a dispute through them. They have lawyers, and can deal with the legal side of things more effectively than you or I could.

Thanks for your reply.
Customer service is not an active link !!
I assure you I tried every way possible to enter the site with my questions and to ask for help.

Are you able to find out if I did sign up for a paid membership?
I have no memory of it.
If I did sign up for it - (it would have been a very strange thing to do - but I accept that I may have - as I cook and might have liked recipes etc) I would like to cancel my membership and would like help to do that.

It's not a link. They have the e-mail address written there, the same address I typed into my message above. Replace the "{at}" with the usual "@" character. You should send a direct e-mail to that address, rather than waiting for a reply in these public forums.

I am just a user, like you. But I've been a member for several years, so I am more familiar with some of the things on the site.

Based on my own experience, if you did sign up for a paid ("PRO") account, and your CC was charged, then your username should have the little orange "PRO" icon. Your profile should also have a tab labelled "Pro Membership". Since you don't have those, then I'm pretty sure you didn't sign up for the paid account.

I completely understand your frustration around the charge (I know how angry I have been in similar situations). Rather than waiting until Monday for staff to respond to you, I would encourage you to first contact your credit card company directly and dispute the charge. That will put a hold on it, and they can start doing some investigation from their end.
Done - CCard cancelled, and Instructables have owned the error and reversed the charges.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
The email address with the @ returns the phishing message no matter what I do
I don't understand what you mean when you write "The email address with the @ returns the phishing message no matter what I do." Are you trying to put that e-mail address into the Address bar of your Web browser?

Do you have a program you use to send e-mail? You should be putting that address into the "To:" line of an e-mail message, not searching for a Web page with that name.
$30.00 was taken out of my account on 3rd February this year. I haven't been to the site for over a year - so if I did take out a membership for PDFs there must be some kind of automatic renewal. I would have expected notification - or a reminder or a communication from you that my membership fee had been taken from my account.

Thanks - I lookforward to getting this sorted.
gregoryfenton (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
Looking at the email they are wrapping every link in a streamsend page, simply request that they don't. Problem solved.
Same here, OpenDNS is blocking the links. Old emails too.

I've filed a review. Suggest all affected do the same