Ultimate knex ball machine King/Queen

 Ok look at the picture below if you can incorporate a ball rolling down a rod in a ball machine you would be the ultimate ball machine king queen.

Picture of Ultimate knex ball machine King/Queen
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~KGB~7 years ago
thatd be hard...
 Not exactly hard, you just need to slow down the ball a little, and add guard rails on the sides of the ball(he never said you couldn't :-)
sprout_less (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
 True, but from now on, NO GAURD RAILS
I haven't tested it yet, but I'm pretty sure the ball falls off if it rolls over one of it's orifices.
sprout_less (author)  floris2burn7 years ago
 Yes, but you could have something catch it.
That isn't realy the point of the rod-path isn't it? Could as well just build those guard rails.
sprout_less (author)  floris2burn7 years ago
 whatever all I am saying is it would be awesome if that picture could be integrated into a ball machine
I can make it go 2 grey rods, 3 grey rods maximum

now i need to figure out how to make it start on it's own (like in a zig zag thing)
sprout_less (author)  floris2burn7 years ago
 cool, keep trying
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