Veteran Discounts

Just wondering if you would be willing to offer Veteran Discounts for Pro membership?

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Kiteman2 years ago

Anybody can get a Pro membership with a 100% discount - all they have to do is post an instructable that's cool enough to get Featured.

I am also a veteran (1967-1971 USMC) and no place on this post does it say if a veterans discount was approved. Be great if it was, but certainly not necessary to enjoy and subscribe to Instructables. It's awesome

bgunville (author)  MarineAirVeteran196710 months ago
Like most just ask for it. And yes your right just plain enjoyable site

Are you a veteran?

bgunville (author)  Brooklyntonia2 years ago

yes served 1966 through 1970 proudly in the USAF

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Check your inbox.

bgunville (author)  Brooklyntonia2 years ago

Thank you Brooklyntonia