Volunteers: Introduce yourself

This is a place for the volunteers from the new volunteer group to introduce themselves and how they can offer advice/help, if they haven't already done that. I'll start. I know a lot about coffee. Roasting, brewing, serving, etc. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about coffee, or coffee related machines. (roasters, airpot brewers, espresso machines, etc.) I've also been doing a lot with biodiesel, and I can offer advice on that subject. (Instructables coming as soon as I finish them)

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zaronas4 years ago
im great with taking apart things and iscovering how they work

im great at diagnosing problems

im great at making something specific work out of parts from habbitat for humanity (great store)

im great at learning about your new thing quickly
Kiteman zaronas4 years ago
Welcome to the Volunteers Group!
zaronas Kiteman4 years ago
thank you
Bot13984 years ago
I joined the group and I am good at electronics
..and grammar!
I have a lot of experience in renovations:
Electrical, plumbing, tiling, removing walls, creating doorways, plastering and restoration of furniture.
kcls6 years ago
Hi! I just joined the group and I am good at:
  • Basic electronics (led's, resistors, wiring, batteries, not micro-controllers)
  • Proof-reading instructables
  • Cooking
  • Fixing computer problems
Glad to be of assistance!

sunshiine kcls5 years ago
Hi there Kcls!
I recently came across a member who is really interested in making his ibles the best he can. Would you be so kind to look at his recent ible and give him some ideas on how to improve it? I thank you in advance!

Personally I think he is doing a great job but I think he can polish it to be really good!
Here is the link! http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-clothespin-catapult/

Have you thought of joining the Volunteers yourself?
Yes, actually. I just found this today. I recently subscribed to this person and offered what little help I can, but I have not mastered instructables to the point I feel confident enough right now. I am still learning. I would love to see instructables offer a spell checker on our page. I think they would receive a lot more featured worthy projects if they did.
The site is generally optimised to be viewed in FireFox, which means you can add a dictionary that will spell-check for you as you type.

I use this one.

Plus, if you use the "rich editor" for your comments, there is a spell-check button on that (the one that says "ABC" over a small tick-mark).

ElvenChild5 years ago
Well I know this is old but I am a member of the group so,

I know my way around mac computers I am not the greatest with xcode terminal and quartz composer, but I am capable of using all of them. If anyone wants a tutorial on how to make a web browser in xcode how to play pong in xcode or how to make a screensaver that takes video input from your webcam and runs it through some filters and then displays it for some really cool results with quartz composer just ask.
I'm Oscar..

These are the genre's I can help with:

Basic electronics

Some mains electrical

Dj'ing, concert/stage audio, Some lighting

Music recording

Rockets related

Some physics and Geograpthy

Wood and metal work


Rowing! (sport), Unexpected?


cefn5 years ago
I'm Cefn.

I work mainly in software and open source, but I've found some fun levers to push which connect my digital to your physical, like laser-cutting, arduino and processing.

I've got fairly good at them, so if you think some kind of computationally generated vector graphic is critical to your design, or you need to know how to make a circuit which detects when the bus stops and wakes you up, then drop me a line.
Kiteman8 years ago
I'll re-introduce myself:

Science teacher, main interests currently making stuff. I know quite a lot of explosive stuff that I'm not allowed to do in the UK. Technically, under current UK anti-terror legislation, my brain is illegal.

Other interests - general science, mildly-pedantic use of language, and I'm a Cub leader.
Same here. My brain is illegal in every UN nation except Russia.
 lol i like that................................or do I because i am a russian spy ................or................am........................I?
That deserved a:


It did? It didn't know it was that funny, perhaps I should say it next time I bump into a cop...
He was caught talking in his sleep. Also he was only acting in the two minutes hate.
AAHHH! ITS 1984!!
The penny drops...
OH NOES! In the other thread, we talked about how much we love each other... THEY KNOW WHO TO USE AGAINST US!!!
Quick! Escape to the countryfield! Just don't rent apartments...
Not off old guys who own shops especially...
Hey, lemme buy you a litre of beer..
The Party is wonderful, I like my Gin.
Me also, but i really need some razorblades...
I can't find any shoelaces either. I think that was my favorite 1984 thread I've seen in a while. Nice job guys!
Thanks :-P
Vendigroth8 years ago
Just joined _
I can offer general science answers, etc, as well as high-level sarcasm.
I can also offer general GENERAL answers, just ask, i might surprise you. My special field is....lets say...functional decorative metalwork using carbon steels.
 like the high level sarcasm offer
acidbass6 years ago
 Hello chaps I can help with pretty much anything you have problems with or at least reference you to someone who can help you I am usually here  all day (I keep the ibles site in another tab) I can help you in all of the fields listed below

Account problems

Cars,Trucks,Bikes,Motorcycles anything that has wheels 

Life saving skills (lifeguarding,search and rescue,red cross stuff) ( I am a red cross certified EMT just not old enough to be one LOL) 


search and rescue tips

survival skills

government conspiracies 


anything to do with bass guitars or any music

realtionships, photography,art,books,horticulture,food,simple DIY, and anything else you can think of that could involve these things PM me if you have any problems 

LoneWolf6 years ago

Hello. I'd love to collaborate somebody on any instructable or even just edit one for somebody. If you want me too, please PM me. Here's some examples of instructables genre that I can help you with:

Crafts of any kind
Pranks :)
Dog related
Wolf related

CamWaite6 years ago
I'm cam I cant guarantee i will always be at hand but am willing to help with all things theoretical, also I speak English and a little French and would be happy to proof-read or spell check
Zem6 years ago
Hey! I'm Zem (AKA Josh).

I can help with:

Using power tools.
Nerf guns.
And general DIY stuff!
Zem Zem6 years ago
I forgot to add:

Improvising stuff. (Materials, not Improv acting)
drinkmorecoffee (author)  Zem6 years ago
Wasn't Zem the mattress?
Lol, whaaat? 
drinkmorecoffee (author)  Zem6 years ago
eh. Douglas Adams.
Kiteman Zem6 years ago
Welcome, Zem.
Zem Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks Kiteman! 
Rock Soldier(domindude3 for those who don't know)
I can help with...
All of your questions about posting, submitting, grammar, spelling, and editing.
Please. If you have a question that you can easily Google, please. Google.
bounty10126 years ago
Hi, I am bounty1012, 2nd year on instructables and I think Ive got a hold of things. -knex -algebra -history those are my major places where I am good. xD I hope this helped.
Jayefuu6 years ago
Heya, -electronics -computing -programming -woodwork
lemonie Jayefuu6 years ago
How did you find this? (without noticing Kiteman's recent) L
knex_mepalm6 years ago
Hi, I can do anything that requires anything except: -quantum physics -any mechanical tool, machines are ok but no power tools and such. -Pyrotechnics -Accounting
Tombini6 years ago
My well rounded subjects include; -Economics -Engineering studies -Chemistry -Physics -Pyrotechnics -Power tools, welding, woodwork and DIY Other jagged subjects; -English -Arty farty stuff I can help to the best of my abilities and intend to do so...
I'm a public health major, and therefore can assist in your nutrition/exercise physiology/anatomy/chronic disease needs. :D I'm also quite well read - a bookworm actually. And I love editing things. Have an instructable that needs editing? Send it to me! I'm also fairly familiar with graphic design basics. I love finding new ways to do things and I am the queen of reusing items and turning them into something neat, especially books.
Do you help with psychology?
I don't know anything but the basics and I'm probably rusty on that. I've only had a few psych classes. :P
Oh, don't be sad. Look, a kitty! :D
that was pretty random, whats ur kittys name?
That's little miss Jade. She's the princess of the household. :D
Hopefully, you're the queen... Is the boyfriend a serf? >:D
Hahaha, no, the serf would be Bebop. He's been demoted from prince thanks to awful behavior. My boyfriend is certainly the king... but like many powerful men, I'm really the one making the important decisions. Mwahahahaha! He's just there to look pretty... and like the Joker, judging from the one picture I have uploaded on here. :D
your other cat is also cute
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That's just me being punk rock. Making a GRR face = punk rock.
That's questionable. You look like you got some of the pink fibers stuck in your teeth
Well sometimes people get hungry and they have no food...
That sort of suits you.... xD
shes cute
NEDM zuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuzuhhh
You apparently learned some things at psych :P

Also, adding a LOLcat-esque caption makes people even happier
Do you think the best way of building stamina is to run "wind sprints", or run long distances as fast as you can until you can't run/pass out? I play football; the coaches say that it is.
acer73 Bran8 years ago
He's conditioning you
You definitely shouldn't be running until you drop. But that's what a lot of coaches like to think works. Don't let me get started with all the "coaches suck and need formal training" nonsense. ;) Pushing yourself as hard as you can everytime from the beginning will sometimes cause quite a bit of harm, especially if you aren't in the greatest shape to begin with. Not to mention you could develop DOMS due to tearing of muscle fibers - and DOMS will set you back in your workouts, which isn't good. I think the best way to increase stamina is to treat your training almost as endurance training in the beginning. Go slow and steady at first. Once you feel comfortable at a certain pace, move on to the next pace level. Keep doing this until you can run for long periods of time at the fastest pace you can handle. Or, you could mix in sprints during your long distance runs. For example, run at a slow steady pace for 5-10 minutes, and then sprint for a couple minutes and go back to your regular pace. I'm assuming the coach just wants your team to be able to move quickly for longer periods of time. It's definitely beneficial to have both endurance and power in football, so I can see why he's doing it, but perhaps he's pushing too hard. :)
I guess I should also add that the definition of "stamina" varies within exercise physiology, which is quite annoying. I'm looking at it as being a combination of endurance and power. Endurance training is what I consider to be a slow and steady pace, like 12-15 reps of weights that you can easily lift. Training for power is what I consider to be quick and difficult - like 3-5 reps of extremely heavy weights using quick bursts. I consider stamina to be the best of both worlds, though others consider it to be on the endurance side. Hopefully when we study exercise physiology in the coming years everything will start to have consistent definitions. :P
zachninme Bran8 years ago
The best way to build stamina is... Sulphur-Tantulum Minus the Iodine-Sodium (hardy har har)
"I'm also quite well read"
"And I love editing things."

Is it just me... or is "I'm also quite well read" terrible grammar? Or am I just stupid... :P

Doctor! It hurts when I bend my arm like this!
I wouldn't say it's terrible... if I said "I'm also quite good read" it would be. :D But I have a habit of adding extra fluff (adverbs and adjectives, mostly) to my sentences. I promise I don't go around adding extra fluff into other peoples' writing, haha!
OOOohhhh. I figured it out!
I took it as in "I'm also quite well read", as in a present-tense verb. Not the past-tense. (reed, not red)

Sorry :P
Haha! Your a came off!
oh nose!
HAHAHAHA That makes no sense, sir. :P
Paris a upside chicken be of inter I. That also makes no sense whatsoever. YAY SENSELESSNESS :D
sharlston6 years ago
im good at: maths english enginering coputers and software batch binary code reading biycles good with tools and generally making things things im not good at: art handwriting times tables tiding up
Kryptonite7 years ago
I see that on Instructables there's a lot of people who want to have something, but who don't really want to do the building but are willing to pay for the items. I can help here and build it for you. I have basic knowledge on electronics, wood work, metal work and general hardware like that. I hope some one here finds my skills of some use.
Sorry, haven't been doing much on Instructables because I've been doing my first Instructable. Thanks, I'll join now.
PKM7 years ago
I'm primarily a computer person, with experience in a wide variety of programming languages on Windows and Linux.
I have reasonable knowledge of electronics.
I have high-level education in maths, physics, chemistry and computer science.
I am conversant with a lot of "productivity" and media software, notably: GIMP, Audacity, MS Excel
I know my way around a digital camera and the basics of how to compose a decent photo, and have self-taught photo retouching.

"Soft" skills:
Good technical command of the english language, spelling and proofreading
I'm a budding MacGyver and enjoy improvising things, repurposing commonplace materials and making new things out of them.
Quite a lot of "science communication" roles throughout my education- look up Top of the Bench and Paperclip Physics for more

Things I can't do at all:
Personal organisation
Cooking beyond student food
Foreign languages
110100101107 years ago
i try to help on everthing i can help with hebrew language i can help with electronics and some other systems and machines (allthough have little experience) and various other diy / hacking i can help with designing plays (from both art and tech sides) allthough never done it over internet i can help with linux and computers in general i can help newbie vegans (allthough i am quite noob myself) i can help with some green stuff i can attempt to help with some offbeat and life topics (as much as 17 year old can)
aztintr7 years ago
I am an expert in all areas of window tinting I also do car audio video and security.I have a great deal of knowledge in fixing or repairing car interiors cracked dashes tares I can also detail cars so anything to do outside of mechanics I AM KNOWLEDGABLE
I can help with computer troubleshooting, and basic electronics
aeromancy8 years ago
I can help with computer troubleshooting and electronic troubleshooting (ex. MP3 player problems, printer not working etc.) I am best with Windows XP, but have had experience with earlier OS's.
- I can help with the French language. - If you need a neutral and honest advice about something, just ask me and I will give you one if I can.
Ermm name something I can do: - Photoshop - Basic web design - Some electrical knowledge - decent mechanical knowledge - Psychological stuff, doing quite alot of relationships and stuff 'ibles - Recently dived into jet power and am getting far in that - I know a good bit about lighters - I know about planes and can fly them - A bit on firearms etc. - I know a good bit about cannons and stuff, though I havn't made one in a long time, soon though - I know quite alot about art etc. - I know about photography - Cycling, mountain biking - I can build almost anything from Ikea... - Anything makeshift - I know an awful lot about things going wrong Really it's a case of ask and see, I can even iron. I like this idea for a group...
I'm good at random things. As in, I may be able to help or I may not. But either way I will try to help.
Gjdj38 years ago
Hey. I'm good at guitars and know loads about them so I could offer some helpful advice on them. I also play a lot of sports so I could help on any sport related instructables. I know basic electronics and program well in Python. So if anyone needs my help just ask!
Gjdj3 Gjdj38 years ago
Oh, and I'm good at lake related things (fishing, bait hunting, bait selling)
Keith-Kid8 years ago
I'm good at sitting. Is that any good? Or was it standing?...... sitting is when eat food right?
unspecified8 years ago
I can offer assistance with English, grammar, and even proofing your instructable prior to release. I can also offer help with a very wide variety of Comp Sci topics (too eclectic a mix to be specific). I can offer up-to-the-second information on emergency medicine/first aid/general medical topics. Macro photography is an interest, so if you are getting really poor results in your instructables photo documentation attempts, I might know a trick or two to help. I guess what I am saying is that, like so many of us, I am a bit of a generalist with a hunger for new knowledge, and have come across a lot of good information in my travels. I also browse instructables when I have a lot of time on my hands, so if I am here, I totally have time to help you out.
ledzep5678 years ago
i can offer loads of advice on art. where to buy, how to buy, techniques, good brands,how to art supplies,how much to pay, stuff like that also, i can offer fishing advice. strictly freshwater though
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