Water deionizer

Hi I was wondering if any one had a good idea of how to build a water deionizer.I'm just starting a car valeting business and need deionized water for final rinsing of cars to prevent water spots as we are in an ultra hard water area and normal rinsing leaves water spots no matter how well we chamois it. I have a 1000L IBC tank that we use to collect recycled and rain water which i want to use to rinse off the cars. As we are in a water controlled zone we have to recycle and filter our water and also it is a ultra hard water area the filters to deionize the water for rinsing cost around £90 plus postage and only last 10-15 cars which is to really killing our business. It is costing us around £9 a car to just rinse them and on a basic wash we only charge £10 which as you can see is not viable.
Thanks in advance

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wolfsmane5 years ago
So, basically, no one knows how to make a water deionizer? I too, would like to know, for my personal use.

Using a water softening system wouldn't achieve the same results, would it?

Here is one you can buy off amazons website:
msc (author)  wolfsmane5 years ago
yeah that very similar to the filter system we had but it wasn't cost effective unfortunatly but great results!!

thanks everyone for the imput but not needed now the firm has gone under and not chance of starting again due to even more unrealistic water control legistration.
Kiteman5 years ago
If you're collecting rainwater, it won't need any treatment to be suitable for rinsing cars - it has no dissolved minerals at all.
true, but every drop has "condensed" around a bit of "dirt" or particulate in the air....in an area of high consentrated air pollution, it may be pretty tainted.
No more tainted than pure water left with the lid off for a few hours.
The latter will, of course have dust (most of it) floating on the top, while the other will, have it inside....if left to evaporate, I agree, it won't make any difference; but I have never seen rain water dry without leaving spots, even on a clean surface....maybe it is the area I live in ? :-) Even my C-pap machine "demands" distilled water, or the humidifier chamber gets ruined within a week or so (been there, done that, can't afford to repeat it).
msc (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
it also has reycled water going into it as required by local legislation unfortunatley that ruins the rain water
lemonie5 years ago
You might use less de-mineralised water if your spray-heads produced a finer-mist?

msc (author)  lemonie5 years ago
we have a gun fitting on the hose that produces a fineish mist currently using approx 10 litres for a car and 20 litres for mpv and trucks if we turn it down any further it doesn't really rinse the cars effectively.
lemonie msc5 years ago
Hmm, that sounds economical.
Another alternative is to use a "de-watering" agent, so the minerals "roll-off" in the water.
(I guess they are in some way similar to WD-40)