Weird-o Dream-o

Wow! I've been experiencing a chain of weird, almost scary dreams lately involving instructables...... It was a normal Sunday afternoon, I go to I'bles, and I read my comment tracker. I can actually read the comments I will get later on in the real world. I kept having these dreams for about a week. Meh, Strange stuff..... Do you have weird dreams of your own? if so, post it here! UPDATE!!!! Another very weird dream! It was a normal afternoon. I read comics. Then, suddenly, strangers started saying gibberish. This was repeated for about 6 times, then I wake up. The first thing I realized is now my penis is " modded " by my parents... I screamed because of the intense pain......

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nerfer1929 years ago
i had a dream that every time i plugged something in, it would zap and stuff, then all of a sudden i say "i hate electricity" and start
Camisado (author)  nerfer1929 years ago
Fizzxwizz9 years ago
I've had REALY weird dreams! A lot of the times I'm half awake, so I'm aware of my surroundings and then my brain throws a curve ball at me. I've woken up in bed and said, " Holy Crap! There's a huge web on me! " and that wasnt a time when I said crap. Also, sometimes it will be the middle of the night (or morning) and I just start screaming for no reason. But when I wake up I have no recollection of it happening. I only find out because I wake up my parents and they tell me.
Camisado (author)  Fizzxwizz9 years ago
Whoa.... just hearing it scared the hell outta me....
V-Man7379 years ago
I know this topic is in recession but I just had to chime in and let everyone know about my dream last night! I flew out to the UK to visit Kiteman! I met his wife and kids, and then we collaborated on an Instructable about how to graphically detail the complexities and consequences of human interaction. Also we had a picnic and it was nice outside. Kiteman's wife was so polite! And his kids were shy. And then I was on a speedboat or something.
Camisado (author)  V-Man7379 years ago
I wanna visit Kiteman!
Hey, you said you were going to wait until I got back off holiday to publish that project...

The boys are not shy...
Also you had a daughter. And I'm sorry, I was so excited about the project, I couldn't keep from blabbing. ;_;
i had a dream, i was trapped in a town like mine but the sky was purple, people were throwing tomatoes at this kid and i was trapped there for a few day and rode this short bus to school everyday, scared the hell out of me.
Rockerx9 years ago
It wasn't me but my dad that had this one: He thought that while he was sleeping he heard the air compressor turn on and woke him up. (Not really but in his dreams) Anyway in his dream he got up and went in the garage mad to see who was turning it on. He said that when he went in there there was a horse turning it on. All he said he remembered was that he was really mad and that he was tired. I don't know exactly what it was about but it was one of the stupidest dreams I've heard in a while.
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