What Grinds My Gears on Instructables

What Grids My Gears on Instructables: -When peaple hold there parts/esplainin things up to a web cam and you can see them. -WHEN PEOPLE TYPE IN ALL CAPS! -When some one asks how to do somthing when it is explaied in the instructable like 10 times. -When people talk crap about good instructables -Pointless K'nex instuctables for things that eithere aready exsist/are easier to make with OTHER materials -Rock band/Guitar Hero -When some one posts something 2 months after it has already been posted and says "they didn't see it." -Peice o crap duct tape objects Plese post what grinds your gears in the comments.

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LoneWolf7 years ago
bylerfamily8 years ago
K'NEX instructables are what annoy me!
Sunbanks9 years ago
When someone says something about someone and then the person sees it and then the person that says it tried to apologize but just makes it worse.
Flame wars and users who bait others into debates/arguments really steam my brocolli!
Adrian Monk!
Aw, I was jsut kidding! Pleas don't...*sniff*....please.....*sob* I promised myself I wouldn't cry!!!

I was just kidding, you're super! Good! Cool! Slightly whiny, but who cares! Don't be sad.....please....

Is that how people see me?
.....so....rry? Aw came on....t.....thid just never happened,......hi Adrian, fancy meeting you here!
No it doesnt!
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