What do you spread on your toast?

What do you spread on your toast?

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I Love toast! love the smell of toast! I don't like toast cooked in the toaster,though,I prefer to broil it on both sides in the oven under the broiler.Then slather butter and raspberry jelly! YUM! I also love toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Raspberry is my favorite,but strawberry and apricot are good as well.

RosvithaP1 year ago

Sometimes just butter and a little bit of salt. Occasionally plum jelly or just some honey...

randomtower2 years ago
Margarine, occasionally nutella, and if it's a toast for a burger, ketchup :3
Skippy crunchy peanut butter and Smuckers sugar free jam.
Sashanbad2 years ago
Margarine, and NUTELLA!!! Yum!
mickryobe2 years ago
Fifty 50 Marmalade.
It is for diabetics but is an excellent marmalade.
50% of their profits goes to The Diabetic Association.

Mickey Oberman
Peanut butter and Honey or Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Sugar!
Avocado and mayonnaise! No lie. I swear.
SpringRobin3 years ago
I'm not going to lie to you. Some days it's Nutella but I really do enjoy Cheez Whiz
andrju0183 years ago
Bread and Swisse cheese:)
robin0133 years ago
When it comes to cooking, baking, and mealtime, butter has a definite role in the kitchen and at the dinner table. I know that even mentioning the comparison of butter to margarine is going to stir up a lot of opinions, but even with my expectation of receiving negative emails I am going to express my view.
extra virgin coconut oil
Peanut butter (yum!)
VEGEMITE! hahahha, as disgusting as it might seem that stuff rocks, i mean i can agree, the idea of bitter, salty black paste isn't that appealing but it tastes great :)
also, peanut butter! aaaaand peanut butter and Vegemite together, seriously :)
NOOOOOOOOOO! BLASPHEMER! My wife also defiles her Vegemite by mixing it with other sandwich fillings. Never! :D
yeah i prefer promite but its sort of the same stuff so try
promite and pecans
promite and cheese
promite and lettuce
promite and poached egg
hahahhaha, don't worry, i've only tried it once in a desperate afternoon snack! LOL
Vegemite is wonderful and should not, in any way be altered or added to things like they suggest on the jar :D
marmite,promite and that horrible cheesy-bite stuff is simply NOT VEGEMITE
we should dump the kangaroo and emu symbol and make a jar of Vegemite our national symbol! ;)
happyjo (author)  AussieAnglerGal4 years ago
^^ awesome Australian right here
heehe, which one of us? :)
happyjo (author)  AussieAnglerGal4 years ago
You! Haha:D
hahahaha, thanks :D
kkeagan3 years ago
cheese and sliced green apple
onrust3 years ago
nutella on toasted rye
Moem4 years ago
I don't eat much toast, but... can it be a sprinkle instead of a spread? If so, then hagelslag!

(Most of you would probably call these 'chocolate sprinkles', and consider them something to sprinkle on pies or ice cream. But I'm Dutch, so it'scalled hagelslag, and it's completely appropriate and common to eat it on bread or toast.)
I love chocolate flavored or cheese flavored margarine...for my toasted bread and stuffs like that... love to eat in the morning with hot black coffee, or sometimes coffee-latte... and egg sandwich and....so much more to mention... I have big appetite specially for healthy food stuffs... :-)
depends on my mood, either Butter and Honey or Avocado
It seems cute.
I spread peanut butter sprinkle with brown sugar than dribble with vanilla. I came up with it by my self and me and my sisters love it. Hope you do to :)
whatta cute topic!
well, for me, sugar and margarine is the best spread..
and hey! partner it with a shake!
hmmmmmm... yummy! :p
happyjo (author)  meetscottewart014 years ago
caarntedd4 years ago
This is a great topic. I can't believe how many comments there are so far regarding toast spreads. Love yer werk.
happyjo (author)  caarntedd4 years ago
:D thanks!
interesting isn't it? Vegemite's getting a few votes! LOL
any Vegemite fans reading this can join my group- Group Vegemite! :)

PS-awesome topic happyjo :D
Puzzledd5 years ago
Vegemite...I'm an Aussie! But I love home-made plum jam... or any kind of jam. Yum!
Vegemite is the best on toast but for some reason I don't fancy it on "un-toasted" bread...
I agree! Peanut butter is beaut on toast or fresh bread but Vegemite is definitely a toast-topper IMO (though my son used to love it on thick slices of fresh bread hot from the breadmaker).
hmmm interesting. Thick bread... I'll have to try that!
My Dad used to have thick bread, thick butter and thick Vegemite. Not my taste- I like a thin scraping, otherwise it "burns" my lips.

Heard this morning that Kraft are bringing out a "healthy" version of Vegemite... will be interesting. I tried their "Cheesybite Vegemite" when it came out, but didn't like the creamy taste.
that cheesybite stuff cannot, at all be associated with vegemite :)
PS- love your pic, kookaburras are awesome :)
Yeha I heard about the "healthy version." lol I can't wait to see how this will result.
happyjo (author)  Puzzledd5 years ago
Oooh, yes!I love Vegemite! And plum jam is the best! :D
Hey! Didn't think you'd get Vegemite in Alaska :D Good on ya, mate!
happyjo (author)  Puzzledd5 years ago
Well we actually got it from a friend who used to live in Australia! I don't know if we can find it up here but i hope! I haven't had any in a long long time!
Once you've got the taste for it, there's nothing quite like it - forget Marmite and the others. My son used to have it for breakfast, lunch and after-school snack (on home-made bread) till we realised it wasn't really good for him in those quantities ;P
happyjo (author)  Puzzledd5 years ago
caarntedd5 years ago
here here, vegemite rules the world of toast
life without vegemite would be incomplete :)
happyjo (author)  caarntedd5 years ago
I wish I ate more vegemite! I really have only had it once, but I love it! :D
Where did you try it? Can you get it in Alaska?
happyjo (author)  caarntedd5 years ago
Well, we got it from our awesome australian friend! :D I am not sure if you can get it up here!
I've never seen it in the states (not on the east coast anyway).
Gnara Goodhart5 years ago
Havent seen it on the West coast either.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Yeah, :( Well I am lucky! I've got the special hookup with an Australian friend! :D
I like to "put" sardines on my toast, and then spread mustard on that :-)
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
ooh, wow. That is a very strange combination!
Well, if I don't have mustard, I use Louisiana Hot Sauce :-)
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Hmmm...even more interesting! What if you have no Louisiana Hot Sauce?
I have eaten them straight out of the can, so I don't even need the toast technically LOL
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Yes, sardines are rather tasty! :D
And they are BRAIN food as an extra bonus ! :-) They boost the brain's access to DMAE.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
yay for sardines!
ilpug4 years ago
That was my friend, he got on my account and trolled people...

I like home-made apple butter or plum jam on my bread, which is home-made. We Make a lot of our food.
Raksab4 years ago
EVERYTHING. Everything's better on toast! (er ... does it have to be a "spread"?)

Some of my favorites:
smoked salmon and cream cheese (capers and thin onion slices optional)
butter and jam / marmalade
cream cheese and jam
sardines w/tomato slices
peanut butter and honey
smashed avocado (tomato slices optional)
sweetened condensed milk or dulce de leche / cajeta
butter, cinnamon and sugar (cinnamon toast!)
melted cheese and apple slices
poppyseed paste
gooey fried egg with runny yolk (and hot sauce and pepper and salt)
chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and fruit or jam (who needs cake?)
iproberry14 years ago
butter or jam
bwcambra4 years ago
Butter and Guava Jelly!
joey994 years ago
i like peanut butter OR jelly, not both
ANDY!4 years ago
Peanut butter and nutella and toasted together is like eating a warm reeses.
happyjo (author)  ANDY!4 years ago
Ah, I can imagine it being so!
mashymoo4 years ago
Either Butter and a lot of marmite or butter and strawberry jam :)
happyjo (author)  mashymoo4 years ago
renka_ni5 years ago
peanut butter, strawberry jam, and coconut jam.... yummy!!!
i can feeling it !yummy!
happyjo (author)  renka_ni5 years ago
Coconut jam, wow! Sounds like a delicacy!
suayres5 years ago
I like apple butter (homemade). Also peach marmelade--which is like peach jam, but it also has thinly sliced citrus, I use oranges, lemons & limes.. I butter the toast 1st--with real butter, not oleo. And I prefer salted butter.
And so many of the younger set have never experienced the true differences between real homemade jams, jellies, and preserves either....sigh, it's too bad such skill are being lost on the current generation.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I am not one of those! Every year my family makes a bunch of homemade raspberry jam from the raspberries we pick! I also recently enjoyed some homemade strawberry jam that my friends made! It was tasty!
Ah, good ! You are one of the lucky ones :-) We have local markets that sell homemade stuff too, canned, bottled, and home grown foods, much of it organically grown too.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
:D It is a joy to enjoy these things! Mmm... that sounds lovely!
Oh, yes, the Farmers' Market: one of the finest institutions on the planet! We're fortunate in living near several (Wisconsin is a major farming state, and we live no more than 20 miles in several directions from farming belts. There is no better, fresher, and more healthful food than that which was harvested this morning and cooked this evening. And the taste? It is n'est plus ultra--nothing better!
Yes the town I live near has quite a few also....and now it has an organically grown co-op too
happyjo (author)  suayres5 years ago
Wow, you are a toast expert!
David Short5 years ago
Try : Mayonnaise and egg ( boiled, mashed ), add a little salt. Yummy ! Nutella is also one of my favorites
happyjo (author)  David Short5 years ago
Yum! That sounds delish! :D I used to love Nutella, I ate a few spoonfuls a day, but then I got sick of it!
raiyand5 years ago
chocolate and cheese. I like cheese bread
happyjo (author)  raiyand5 years ago
Chocolate and cheese?! That is interesting! :D Mmmm, cheese bread sounds delectable!
2hot2hack5 years ago
lemon spred. yummmy yum yum it beats everything!!!
happyjo (author)  2hot2hack5 years ago
OOh, yum! I also like lemon bread! WARM lemon bread! :)
i said spred!!
happyjo (author)  2hot2hack5 years ago
I know! Just dreaming of the heavenly lemon bread! Do you make your lemon spread?
im 2 lazy bying is quicker
suayres5 years ago
By lemon spead, do you mean lemon curd--which is, indeed, yummy stuff. Have you tried other citrus curds? Grapefruit curd is sublime!
Randomguy655 years ago
Heres what I LOVE on my toast depending on what mood I'm in:

FRESH jam ( I live near a farm :-D) < Favorite



Cream cheese

Peanut butter

happyjo (author)  Randomguy655 years ago
Oooh, fresh jam! :D Sounds lovely! Cream cheese is so... ah
With cream cheese its not that bad. It tastes like a bagel with out the bakery freshness.
happyjo (author)  Randomguy655 years ago
OH yes! Cream cheese has a... yummylicious and smart flavor to it!
ChrysN5 years ago
Usually just peanut butter and jam. Though recently, while on vacation the kitchen had this honey orange butter.  It was the best, it was like having orange flavored icing on your bread.