What have you tried to get away with at school?

Today, my friend told me that his homework last night for U.S. History was to make a timeline of Important Events in the 1800s. This is how he did it: he got out a blank sheet of paper, wrote on it that he didn't think anything important happened, and turned that in.

What have you or people you know tried to get away with at school?

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DJ Radio8 years ago
- Shooting people with mechanical pencils
- Putting a prank flash file on my powerpoint show
- www.instructables.com/community/Cops-are-stupid/
- almost skipping school because it sucks.
- throwing paper airplanes during pep rallies (I actually got away with that one)
- pranking computers at different schools (I got away with that one too, because it was at a different school)
- Giving my # to a girl (It failed, but at least I didn't get caught)
Labot20018 years ago
I once blockaded an entire region of the lunch room with caution tape about 10 minutes before lunch. Everyone thought it was legit, it was great :D
Johnny Football Hero (author)  Labot20018 years ago
You must've been ninja-like in your stealth.
Sunbanks8 years ago
I always fall asleep in school... But that's about it, I mean I don't really do anything worth mentioning. 
Johnny Football Hero (author)  Sunbanks8 years ago
I've never fallen asleep in skool, though I've oft been sorely tempted.
In my first period class it's always really warm, and it's really boring so it's the perfect class to fall asleep in, except for the fact that it's my hardest class :P 
yourcat8 years ago
I'm taking a class at the local community college (yes, I am 15) and one day no one showed up. The instructor said one student was here about 11:00 (I got there about 11:05). A couple of minutes later two more came in. They got bored pretty quick and left. So... I spent that class period talking with the instructor about inductors and DC-DC converters (not as boring as it sounds). So out of 9 in the class only four showed up at all and only one (me) stayed more than 5 minutes. It wasn't even a snow day or near a hoilday or anything. I mean, I didn't get much done or anything, but at least I hung around...
Johnny Football Hero (author)  yourcat8 years ago
How strange. So the instructor just let them leave?

Side note: My city has a community college, and I'm thinking about taking a Comp Sci course there this spring. I'm 16, so I might be the youngest one there. I'll just have to think "older and taller".
What a rebel xD
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