What to do with Ball Bearings?

For some while I've had a pile of ball bearings sitting here on my lounge room table, and without knowing what on earth to do with them, I now ask you. I have found uses such as adding to my "mousetrap racer," a small car, run by a mouse trap, that can go up to 15 metres. With ball bearings it goes twice as far as it used to, so I have become curious... what to do now though? All ideas would help, and an instructable would be even better. Cheers

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I take old ones and take out the balls and use them for sling shot ammo
Ascii2115 years ago
Oh I got one!!!! Yes this works!! i made a few rings out of them for a girl that i liked and she LOVES them. they are comfy and are extremely durable and look really cool!!!!
kelseymh9 years ago
Axle supports for a trebuchet.
I happen to be making one... I need some for the electric Fiat I'm working on
Do tell, first I heard of it being a Fiat... I'm guessing a Cinquento... I think that's spelt right... Or a 500? it'd be cool to see an electric abarth 500, you'd probably be able to improve on performance too...
1980 Fiat spyder 2000 Got the engine out!
OK my guesses were a bit off, now get a beefy motor in there, the added weight of the batteries over the rear axle may improve handling to an extent, though too much without compensation will make it a bit of a handful...
Were getting a nice warp 9 motor. We plan on beefing up the shocks if we can.
How much power? Whatever you say go get something with twice as much. Consider it necessary, think you can get there twice as fast, so you'll have time to recharge when you get there...
IDK. I'm just working on it, I don't get to make any purchases. I'll adjust the controller once we order it. Muahahaha!
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