What to do with a million USD dollars (or 700,000 or so euros)

If you were to recieve $1,000,000 taxfree and you had to get rid of it in less than a year what would you spend it on? (you can still invest it in stocks or something, original money must be gone in less than 365 days)

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I'd buy a few D3's, all my dream lenses and an uber computer with four widescreen monitors and a wacom cintiq. Then I'd build my dream house. One room would be full of play pen balls. There would be a few studios in there. I'd have a room that could be 100% silent and 100% dark. There'd be a tie-dye room, a forge, a shop (woo laser cutters!), and an amazing kitchen. My dog Buck would get his own room...with an in ground treadmill and 270 degree projection TV with air fresheners that smell like outside., so that he could go on a walk any time! And a bunch of other toys =]

Then of course there's that car problem...

Oh, and I'd buy family and friends some stuff, too.
why do you need multiple d3s? There is a D3x now! (Im saving up for that) I would buy a 70-200 f/2.8 VR and a 200mm macro (Id have to get it used...but te things are SOO NICE!)
You need a back up.
Well...if you had a million dollars you could afford a backup d3 (IfI could say I used a d3 as backup....I would feel special) I want the D3x, mainly because I prefer landscapes.....the 70-200 f/2.8 AF-S VR would be for sports, but I dont use the burst to much...so the D3x would be the perfect camera for me! That or a hasselblad HDIII50 (I beleive thats the name...it the 50 MP one)
Or maybe I'd just buy a country.
I think you have a somewhat exaggerated opinion of how much a million dollars will buy...
Or maybe I'm just a really good haggler?
listoman8 years ago
I would spend it all on a career in photography. (that would include almost every camera and lens both nikon canon and fujifilm makes, along with a leice and maybe a hasselblad) Oh, and I would by a nice size house, a decent car (The new deisel Volkswagen jetta? "This thing hauls! its all *immitates engine*" I would also buy a ton of electronics.
Punkguyta9 years ago
If I had 1 Mill, I'd put all but $10,000 of cash into a bank account, I'd buy an gas powered go-kart (brand new) and put some sweet tires on it, then continue on into the town next over from here and buy anything I want, I'd just carry the cash with me.
Oh don't forget that if you had a Million in your bank account, you could live off the interest exponentially for the rest of your life.
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