Which is better? Coke? Or Pepsi?

What do you think is better? Coke or Pepsi? I prefer coke.

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jtobako9 years ago
There's a difference?
not really. personally, ive cut back on soft drinks with caramel (coke, pepsi, etc). i still drink sprite. its better than 7 up.
There's a difference? ; )
Sprite is definitely sweeter the 7 Up. I liked 7 Up when I was ill. *shrug*
iman Goodhart9 years ago
7-up is sweeter than sprite it just has more carbonation.
Goodhart iman9 years ago
Well, I haven't had much soda (except some Fresca) for a long time. Back in the day when they put "ginger" in ginger-ale, it seemed much less sweet.
sprit has a better lemon-lime taste to it. thats why i like it
iman tech-king9 years ago
have you tried the 7-up natural ? I think it tastes a lot better.
All to do with taste :-) I mean by that, the "taste" or preference of the person: I like the dryer taste of 7-up only because I didn't get raised on all the "sweets" so much and never got to really like things too sweet. So, I am not saying one it better then the other, for anyone except myself :-)
Yes, COke has a smoother, sickly sweet taste. Pepsi has tang to it. Generally speaking, sodas produced by Pepsi are more flavorful (in my opinion).
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