Who wants a 3 month Pro membership

Over that year or so I have won five 3-month PRO memberships, and would like to start giving them away.  I would like to start by giving 2 of them away in a contest of sorts.  I have seen others do this and this seems like an awesome way to do it.  So here goes
  1. Submit a new instructable, will say no older then... December 31st 2010
  2. Try to make it as awesome as possible, cause i like to use the word awesome around here alot!
  3. I will be focusing on creativity and the ease of construction for people new to this site.
  4. You have to make it yourself, jobbing out to have something cut-out IE, Ponoko is great and all, and if I was closer would probably do it myself, but the average maker is stuck using rinky-dink power tools.  Making something with those rinky-dink power tools those is true awesomeness!
  5. On second thought, I have rented power tools before, step 4 is more less the same as this so what ever means you have is good!
  6. Dead-line of February 20, 2011 - I'll try to judge it as quick as possible
That's about it I guess, make sure to message me, post a link, shoot a flaming arrow or something that gets my attention to your instructable and tell me why you deserve it.
Random begging, flattery and bribing is also good

Others that have done this before, please comment as to any pointers that may make this smoother!  Thanks!

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iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
AND, the winner is DR.PEPPER, chosen by my self and group who just finished an Oscar party, congratulations. Pro Code will be sent shortly.
iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
I'll post the winner Sunday night!
ElvenChild5 years ago
so who won
craftyv5 years ago
Best of luck to everyone who entered this contest. From Craftyv.
iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
So Today is the last day to get in! post a comment or link of some sort - flaming arrow maybe. In the next couple of days i will do my best to go through them and pick a winner.
ElvenChild5 years ago
So you said bribing is acceptable if you give me a pro membership I will use it to send you a patch. Oh by the way hosting this contest makes you one of the all time AWESOMEST instructables members ever so awesome that I am subscribing. " It's not called flattery it is called creative reasoning and sometimes it can get REAL creative" -ElvenChild
iminthebathroom (author)  ElvenChild5 years ago
ElvenChild5 years ago
I have an instructable that meets the requirements but I don think it deserves it as all it is, is a poorly written instructable on how to play a game on a YouTube video. If I had a pro membership I would probably post a lot of comments in color go on the pro member only forums and give out patches to those who deserve. I don't really care about having a pro membership but I wouldn't mind a patch with tux the Linux penguin on it
iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
10 more days to put a link or nod to your new instructable!
iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
20 more days people, get your entries in!!!
udtknwme5 years ago
Hi there iminthebathroom (love the screen name, BTW), you're right, I would also have expected there to be more people jumping on the bandwagon as well.

I hope that my first ible (one and only) so far would be viable for your contest, and that you like it too! :)

I would definitely like to take advantage of the Pro features in creating future Instructables (I have a few in the works that I just need to get put together).

Without further ado, I give you:



Thanks for the opportunity!
Joseph B. Arrington
iminthebathroom (author)  udtknwme5 years ago
nebih5 years ago
can i have a pro membership if your just giving them away????

iminthebathroom (author)  nebih5 years ago
Make sure to read the forum contest rules above, its all in the small print! You have to create a new instructable, it can be no older the December 31st 2010.
ok here's the link to it.

nebih nebih5 years ago
i have another here's the link:

iminthebathroom (author) 5 years ago
Everyone with an instructable newer then December 31st 2010 that posts on this page is eligible for this contest. Once February 20th rolls around, judging will begin. Remember to read the details above!
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Oh, please! I can't afford to be pro! I'm just 13! Please! Please! Please!
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
This is really cool of you! I'm making a freakin awesome instructable but it won't be done in the next week (hopefully). How many do you have left?
Perhaps you'd consider my Scout miniature paper airplane (pictured)? I am interested in this because I'd like to offer a Pro membership as a prize in my Paper Airplane Contest (http://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Airplane-Contest-2-Open/) to spice it up and make it more appealing than just patches.

Instructables 32 024.jpg
When is your contest due?
It is scheduled to begin today and end February 14, 2011.
OK, I'm going to give you one of my Pro memberships right now, and just nick on off the contest give away. That way you can advertise your membership to give away in your prize list! Hope this works for you. I'll email your the gift code in just a second!
craftyv5 years ago
Please consider my application for your very generous gift. I published my VERY FIRST ible on 14th. Dec. 2010 because I wanted it up for Christmas. [sparkley christmas star] by Craftyv. Thanks for your consideration. There's actually only  3 viewers so far, so good luck with it all. Craftv. 
iminthebathroom (author)  craftyv5 years ago
You got it, love bending the rules! New enough for me, especially if its there first!
I'm absolutely thrilled by your quick response , you've made my New Year. Your comments were very welcome , as you know , feedback (of any kind) is very helpful especially to a new ibler. I am gob-smacked at the number and variety that you have published. Thanks so much . Happy new year.
I noticed :) I was planning on working the flattery angle !
lemonie5 years ago

Come on some one?
Edit it so one keyword is "KNEX"

iminthebathroom (author)  lemonie5 years ago
no kidding, perhaps I'll extend the deadline until more people notice. I would have jumped at the chance when I first got on this site!