Why do people type like this?

Why d
Why do
Why do p
Why do pe
Why do peo
Why do peop
Why do peopl
Why do people
Why do people t
Why do people ty
Why do people typ
Why do people type
Why do people type l
Why do people type li
Why do people type lik
Why do people type like
Why do people type like t
Why do people type like th
Why do people type like thi
Why do people type like this?

You see how space and time consuming that was?  I've recently seen a bunch of people writing like that, not just on youtube, but IN REAL LIFE!  Just today during class I happened to glance on an art portfolio where the owner of it wrote like that and then she had the nerve to say "You wish you thought of that".  No, there's a reason why nobody else thought of that. 

To make it worse, there are people who go on and "deconstruct" the sentences so the result looks like a big arrow that just wastes space. 

Long story short, it will just bug people.  Please knock it off if you do it at all.  And don't talk to me for doing it above, I was doing that to prove the points I made afterwards  as sarcasm.

EDIT: For all of you doing it in the comments, all you're doing is proving how stupid you are and you are also making me wonder how you even manage to breathe. 

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bounty10127 years ago
They do it because they think its funny/fun or because they want us to flame them for writing like that.
DJ Radio (author)  bounty10127 years ago
I don't think the person who I was trying to spite with this topic either saw it or hasn't made the connection yet.
DJ Radio (author)  Rock Soldier7 years ago
Nobody you know.
Doctor What7 years ago
 This is another thing to get a reaction out of people:

Either they are like what Lemonie suggested, and think it looks neat, 


They know it bugs people like you, and are trying to tick you off.
DJ Radio (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
It's the former, since the reason why I posted this topic was because of comments I saw from random people on youtube or real life.
Knave1257 years ago
 Why do people type like this?
Because it's fun!
lemonie7 years ago
The simple answer is: they saw someone else do it and thought it was good.

Kinda like the Seinfeld episode with George and the candy bar?
I haven't seen it, but you're probably quite right.

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