Your Computer's Getting Toasty

Add this to some of the other crazy toaster ideas. It's a toast drive: fitting snugly into a standard 5.25 drive bay, you put in bread for a toasting while the rest of the computer operates normally.

It's kind of like sticking a disk into the disk drive--except that when it pops back out, you have a nice, crispy slice of toast.

CrazyPC via boingboing.

Picture of Your Computer's Getting Toasty
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merseyless9 years ago
if only it automaticly buttered it...
That wouldn't be too hard to do. Just put a pat of butter on some type of roller...
The butter stick could be the answer to this issue, along with a solenoid...
we could feed the toast into a modded inkjet printer and instead of ink use molten butter so you could have buttered toast and in any shape you want. and now to copyright my idea...
Ok so we have two ideas, mine is simple and uncomplicated, yours is overly complex and insane, lets go with yours...
well what would you rather have sticking out of your computer? A. a roller with butter on it or B. a half dissasembled medium sized inkjet printer with wires running out of it, which has been stuck on with ductape.
yeah who needs the extra heat in their computer. and why are some people so crazy about toast that they would do this? lol
dark sponge9 years ago
What if you could store data on piece of toast... lol
What file system would you use ?
alexk66069 years ago
Could you convert the average 2 slot toaster to usb? or would there not be enough power output from the usb port?
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