Zero to 300mph in 30 seconds. On two wheels.

Meet the world's fastest ever road vehicle built to reach an astonishing top speed of 340mph.

The Acabion GTBO uses jet fighter technology and aerodynamics to reach its extraordinary speed propelled by a state-of-the-art turbo-charged engine.

Its designers revealed it could reach 300mph in a blistering 30 seconds - substantially quicker than the rival Bugatti Veyron which takes 55 seconds to reach its top speed of 250mph.

Good grief, that would rattle your teeth!

The article implies that an electric version is in the pipeline as well.

Daily Mail story

750 hp and 700 lbs vehicle weight result in more than 2100 hp per ton. They boost the jet-like GTBO to jet-fighter punch and to new dimensions of both efficiency and speed.

V-max 340 mph at half throttle, governor limited.
0 to 300 mph in less than 30 sec.

Economic theories tell us, that you can not maximize effect and minimize effort at the same time. The Acabion GTBO proves the opposite. It minimizes weight and maximizes power and aerodynamic efficiency. The effects are just out of this world.

100 mph at 1.7% throttle and 100 miles per gallon.
150 mph at 4.3% throttle and 62 miles per gallon.
250 mph at 17% throttle and 25 miles per gallon.

Acabion website

More photos at Jalopnik

Picture of Zero to 300mph in 30 seconds.  On two wheels.
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i think its kute and i like cars .
Oh! That's the cutest fighter-jet-car I've ever seen. :D *fights ovaries* I mean, uh, those speeds sure are impressive. Excuse me while I go work on my car and drink a beer.
Oh great now we have to add a lesbian version of everything because someone had an argument with their ovaries...
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What colour should we paint it to appeal to lesbians?
something butch... or maybe invent the colour butch, by the way I will soon enough post a little project you may like...
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It's called a sense of humour - a subtle comment on gender stereotyping, which loses a lot of it's humour when you have to explain it.
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