add all your minecraft servers here and ips

i would like to know all your server adresses so i can put together a youtube video and sell copies of the video on my minecraft website

Picture of add all your minecraft servers here and ips
very easy to get free materials. ops will often give you free stuff
not my server but im always on
(fun fact, its owned by electro producer deadmau5)
exclusive11 year ago
I do not own the following server: , but it's a prison server. I think its quite awesome, but it'd be cool to know what you think d:. Earn your way free from prison! :D. Tell them exclusive1 sent you! ^^
rage151 year ago
RageMeta1 year ago
caleb how do i send an inbox to u
RageMeta1 year ago
death15 (author) 1 year ago
come on guys we need more servers
Sargent2031 year ago
Hey we just started a new server, if you like LOADS of zombies or a challenge, the IP is:, when you first start you have to ask the admin to promote you to a builder.
death15 (author)  Sargent2031 year ago
thanks dude i will try it
Kiteman1 year ago
If I give you my details, how much will you pay me?
Really? lol