adding a video input jack to a malfunctioning portable DVD player

I have a Coby portable DVD player that is malfunctioning in that it won't play discs, but the video display appears to be working normally. The jacks on the player are output only and I'd like to be able to switch one of them to an input jack so I could have an additional screen running off of a newer portable DVD player. Are there any known instructions out there? Is it feasible? Thanks, Jim

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Not possible. Data isn't sent to the screen as a video signal, its all digital.
11618586 years ago
im still kinda new to the modding game but if im not mistaken there should be a bank of cables going to the screen, one or two of them should be the video input to the screen you could probably tap in to those for your video. ( or it might all be trace lines or tiny ribbon cables in which case i dont think its possible)

not absolutely posotive i have a similar problem but i need to figure out how to battery power a slave screen
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
search p/n of the dvd player screen/unit
jimmilt (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Part number is TF DVD7050.
Padlock9 years ago
most likely impossible