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Anyone have any good airsoft ideas, devices, bombs, claymores, or other things to help you get the upper hand in an airsoft war, because I'm getting owned by higher fps guns with a faster rate of fire. Any sort or non toxic smoke bomb would be nice. Just post anything related to airsoft here...

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37008237 years ago
take ot the confetti out of the party popper things and put in like 20 bb's and then put the cover back on it and its like a little shotgun and its cheap
maxreif8 years ago
get some pvc pipe and a twist top lid make the lid biger than the pvc pipe and seal the botom of the pvc pipe then close the lid and fill the lid with comprest air
thers a great way to set of the easter egg and fire work airsoft grenades w/ a pressuer pad and there easey to make send me a note and ill post the scematics
Gjdj38 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
Why not get a better gun? L